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I like video games and music and cups of tea and noodles and beagles and colour-cycling LEDs.
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I’m an outspoken lover of film, video games and outdated pop culture. Fueled predominantly by black coffee and the thrill of unwinnable debates; I look for moral existentialism in all the wrong places. I also have a cat. The internet still loves cats, right?

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I grew up surrounded by games, the first being on a XT Computer, after that machine was upgraded to 4 mhz, I was forced to hack the machine so I could use the turbo button to bring it back down to 1mhz.

Since then I have been part of LAN groups, including Valhalla, I have run other Games Networks, before I found myself at home at Player attack. I like hardware and hacking and games about war. These days I'm mainly interested in hardware, RTS and FPS. and anything that is tiny, cameras, computers, and any other micro devices.

I write mostly reviews about FPS, RTS and hardware.

Twitter: Punkley
Instagram: KingPunkley

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Having written about video games for over five years on various websites, Angelo sometimes enjoys writing about himself in third person. He is also a teacher and classical musician playing in orchestras, brass bands and concert bands all around Adelaide, South Australia while occasionally playing theatre productions.
Though his roots stem from the Sega Master System and MegaDrive, Angelo's "main" channel of video gaming eventually became Nintendo for a long time, until finally breaking away from the identity of console loyalty and being a person of many flavours.

Twitter: @MangieV
Instagram: @ManJello

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I was born, raised, and currently reside in Virginia, United States. I have a background in theatre and music, and have been playing video games for as long as I can remember. My first console (that was all mine and not one of my older brother's) was the Gamecube, and my first game I ever played on it and completed was The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, so I now have a small triforce tattoo on my right forearm. The first game I can ever remember playing was Super C on the NES, and the first game I ever remember beating by myself was Crash Bandicoot on the Playstation.
I am also the lead singer and lead guitarist of an indie rock band called the Café Racers.

avatar for Matthew SharpeMatthew Sharpe

In the beginning there was Pong. And for a time it was good. Then everyone tired of unplugging the aerial every time we wanted to plug the "Hanimex Electronic TV Game" in and there was a period of darkness.
Darkness was followed by the Apple IIc and, mostly, endless attempts at finishing Ghostbusters. Perhaps some day there will be a Ghostbusters title to rival that first one...
Since those formative years I have played on or owned almost every major console, defeated a few games in the arcades and spent too many dollars on hats in Team Fortress 2. And have definitely played more MMORPGs than you.
Mostly I write about whatever the boss tells me to write about. Often it's an MMO, or some indie thing nobody else is playing.
You might know me better as Mythor. Probably not actually a monster. Sorry.
Twitter: @mythor

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Grace only really cares about cats and video games. Sometimes cats in video games.

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Research PhD @ UniSA. Writing, science, singing.
Often hide song lyrics in my tweets and then reveal it to not much fanfare at all

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Secret Identity Comics is a comic book store in the Brisbane CBD. Our mission is to create a welcoming and safe space for comic book and pop culture enthusiasts of all identities to share in our love of all things fictional.

7/139-145 Charlotte St, Brisbane

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Coffee drinking, grumbling Pokémon master and kaiju aficionado.

PSN: SuperGhidorah

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I am currently studying, focusing on game design. I enjoy all video games, in particularly strategy games. Whenever I am not in front of a screen I am wargaming or playing Ultimate Frisbee.