GIRLGAMER Sydney Festival happening June 9 & 10

The GIRLGAMER Esports Festival is returning for its third year, this time being held in Sydney, Australia, as part of the city’s annual Vivid Festival. If you couldn’t make it to Macau or Portugal, the sites of the previous festivals, now might be your chance!

Pitched as an event to celebrate the achievements of women within the gaming industry, there’ll be live presentations from keynote speakers, discussion panels and a “careers alley”. Presumably a bunch of booths with details on the many and varied employment options within gaming, from coding to art design to writing. Expect pamphlets!

Perhaps most excitingly, there’ll be women-only gaming tournaments available. If you’re into CS:GO or Overwatch and have a couple of friends who are willing to join you, both tournaments have real prizes on offer.

The CS:GO tournament is potentially more worth your time, as the grand prize is airfare and accomodation for the World Finals. Even if you know you’re not good enough to compete at that level, the experience ought to be amazing.

Second place in the CS:GO tournament gets $750 (Australian), while the Overwatch prizes are $1200 and $600 Australian.

If you’re not really keen on CS:GO or Overwatch, or are just not a ladyperson, there’s a Super Smash Bros tournament open to everyone, with prizes of $200 and $100 Australian.

People wishing to attend are encouraged to register their interest on the website. Standard tickets are $20, with students getting in for $15 and a family pass for $40.

Given the cost of attending other gaming conventions that seems astonishingly good value.

More details and ticket reservations available on the official website.

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