Fortnite is getting a third mode, Creative!

Fortnite – Creative has been announced today and will join the two existing game modes, Save The World and the ridiculously popular Battle Royale.

In the new Creative mode players will get their own unique island to build whatever they’d like, from whacky mazes to crazy castles, and can even set up their own gameplay rules.

It’s a little reminiscent of what Landmark was trying to do near the end of its life, in allowing players to build their own combat arenas, but with the already quite robust building system from Save the World merging with freeform prop placement.

How much freedom players will get to craft truly unique experiences remains to be seen, but with millions upon millions of active users it’s safe to assume some really crazy things are headed our way.

If you want to get in to Creative mode early you can buy the Season 7 Battle Pass for the game’s Battle Royale mode, which will let you start building on your own private island on December 6. The Battle Pass costs 950 V-Bucks (around $US10).

People that don’t want to buy the Battle Pass will get access, for free, starting December 13.

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