Backlog Slog: Piffle

Piffle is a mobile game that was only released earlier in 2018, it’s not very old at all. Unlike my previous piece about Wordscapes, however, it’s actually very charming, in depth, cute, well put together, and Australian! Piffle comes from Hipster Whale and Mighty Games. Yes, I know it’s still not Yakuza 0, or any actual larger games from my backlog, but I’m still recovering from PAX pox, okay? Please let me live. I’m doing my best to be a serious journalist.

At its core, Piffle is a block breaker game. A block breaker given an incredibly cute coat of paint, mind you. A given level will show you a number of blocks that need to be broken, sometimes a specific kind of block, and you are then given adorable little balls that are also cats (that I think explode at the end of a level? Or become fireworks? Or something? Concerning), you use your finger to aim it in a given direction and watch as the physics engine takes care of the rest, with your ball/cat/small bomb maybe bouncing off various blocks before finally landing back down with you, also a cat, I think? A cat wearing a cat suit? Again, not sure. But it’s cute. Should the blocks reach the bottom, however, they will crush your strange little cat/person and you will lose a life.

There’s a few fun little bits and pieces, like jelly blocks that will stop your catball dead in its tracks, bomb blocks to help you clear a zone, and pinata blocks which contain random other kinds of blocks. Clear enough levels and you can build up stars to get items, which you can use in levels to halt block progress, boost the power of your catballs and in some cases, can just be used to craft cute new skins. My catballs currently look like little pirates.

In retrospect I am starting to regret picking the term catballs.

Anyway, you have five lives which regenerate every 15 minutes and you have the option to purchase in game currency and items, all standard phone game stuff, but I’ve found that I have very little need to do any of this. I like to stick to my guns on being incredibly cheap as a human being and it’s working with this game in particular, as it’s absolutely easy enough to just enjoy it as a regular game. I find I get items pretty frequently and ads are generally unobtrusive.

Although I admit, I have been tempted to spend money purely because I enjoy this game so much. It’s addictive and has eaten most of my time and phone battery. I think, maybe I’ll play a different game, but no.

I keep getting drawn back in by these… Cat orbs? That’s a better term, I think.

It’s a great game to wind down and relax if you, like me, are still recovering from PAX Pox. Or any kind of pox. Or just, again kind of like me, procrastinating on being actually productive.

But you won’t feel bad about it because it’s so damn cute.

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