The demo for World of Warcraft Classic will be time gated two ways

We already knew the demo of World of Warcraft Classic that’s coming to BlizzCon would only be available for about a week, but today comes news that is much more disappointing.

If you’re playing Classic on the floor at BlizzCon your session time will obviously be limited, so as to afford as many people as possible a chance to experience what it has to offer. In a surprising turn of events, play time for Virtual Ticket holders trying the demo at home will also have a session time limit.

We also typically limit the time our BlizzCon attendees can play a demo, and that will be the case for BlizzCon WoW Classic Demo players at home. In order to maximize the number of people who can try out the demo, initially you’ll be logged off after playing for a certain amount of time to give somebody else a turn.

(Source: World of Warcraft Dev Watercooler)

Paying for the “privilege” and being told how much time you can spend in game feels like a bit of a slap in the face.

But in Blizzard’s defense, by limiting the amount of time people can spend per day in the Classic servers they shouldn’t require the extensive queueing to join that was also synonymous with the vanilla experience.

At least, one would hope there’s not queueing and time limits.

The blog post also goes into some more details on the demo, like level caps and the areas available (Barrens for Horde, Westfall for Alliance) as well as some of the philosophy behind combining the old experience with the new quality of life improvements. Worth checking out if you’re interested in Classic at all.

Has this affected your decision to buy a Virtual Ticket? Are you disappointed you already bought your ticket? Let us know in the comments.


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