World of Warcraft Classic demo coming to BlizzCon ticket holders

After a protracted period of radio silence, it seems World of Warcraft’s “Classic” experience is still on the way, with Blizzard announcing today that gamers attending their annual BlizzCon will get to go hands-on for the first time.

Perhaps more excitingly, for the much larger number of us not attending, is that virtual ticket holders will also get access to the demo.

For those unfamiliar with the BlizzCon virtual ticket, it usually gives access to live streams of the many panels that take place over the weekend, along with some in-game goodies for the various core Blizzard titles.

The demo is fairly limited, in that it’s only two small areas, one for Horde and one for Alliance. If you’ve been wondering just what Classic will play like this will be your first chance to get your hands on it. Probably not the last before launch, of course!

And don’t worry if you won’t have time on November 2nd or 3rd to jump in, the demo will continue to be available until the 8th to allow physical attendees time to get home and play it in the peace of their own homes.

Interested? A BlizzCon Virtual Ticket will set you back $69.95. Purchase one here.

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