NEXT Exhibit reveals its lineup

Previously, we wrote about the NEXT Exhibit gaining the funding it would need to host a showcase at PAX Australia. The exhibit, created to showcase minorities in game development and give them access to a platform to show their hard work.

Out of 100 submissions, 6 finalists were chosen from around the world to be present at the event. Here’s a quick look at what will be on offer:

Before I Forget
3 Fold Games

This game promises to be a heartbreaker. It’s a narrative exploration game about a woman with dementia, following Sunita as she explores her house to discover her past and better understand her present.

She And The Light Bearer
Mojiken Studio & Toge Productions

This game comes out of Indonesia, a beautiful hand drawn point and click adventure game. It’s inspired by the Indonesian folktale of Ibu Pertiwi and promises riddles, puzzles and challenges.


Florescer puts you in the shoes of a young transgender girl and aims to make players take a more empathetic and reflective look at trans people.

Boyfriend Dungeon
Kitfox Games

Perhaps the most well known and the most likely to draw a crowd, Boyfreind Dungeon allows players to date their weapons. All your weapons are personified into hunks, except one of them, which is a cat.

An Aspie Life
Bradley Hennessey, Joe Watson, EnderLost Studios

One day, your roommate leaves without a word. You’re left to navigate the world alone, and when you have autism, this is no easy task.

Artifact 5

This title offers both standard and VR modes, and follows the story of a young man in denial. Players delve into a surreal journey of the mind.


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