PAX Aus Indie Showcase Winners

It’s that time of year again when PAX Aus announces the winners of its indie showcase! It’s always amazing to see the new talent coming out of our beautiful, deadly country (and also New Zealand is allowed to enter, I guess) that we can show off to the world and say, ‘hey! There’s more than just snakes and stuff here. Sometimes we do games! Really good ones!’

And so, here’s the winners, 6 games judged by industry professionals which will all be available to play at this year’s PAX Aus, taking place October 26-28.

Ian MacLarty

Dissembler is a brightly coloured puzzle game. It’s about flipping tiles to make colour groups vanish, with the goal being to eliminate all the tiles and to be left with a blank slate. You know. Dissembling the whole thing!

Double Shot
Aberrant Realities

Double Shot is a VR title where you are both a virtual bartender and a virtual shooter. Shoot bad guys. Serve drinks. Do it all in a stylish neon 80s setting.

Caustic Reality

This game is described as an ‘interactive nightmare’ by its developers. Players wander through the broken remains of a once happy family, trying to piece together the clues and discover just what happened.

Mars Underground
Moloch Media

Taking place in an apocalyptic scenario stuck in a time loop, players are forced to relive the same day over and over and explore all the different possibilities to try and uncover how to escape.

Spin Rhythm
Super Entertainment
Windows, iOS

Spin Rhythm invites players to spin, tap and flow through hand crafted levels in an inter-dimensional electronic musical adventure. It also allows players to make their own levels to share with others.

Tim Veletta

Teleblast is a fast-paced game featuring local multiplayer for up to four players. Each player has a teleporter they can use to shoot at and blast their opponent. Teleblast!

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