Surprise Attack rebrands to Fellow Traveller

Surprise Attack has been one of the big names in Australian game publishing, providing a platform for indie developers for years with titles such as Hacknet, Framed and Orwell under their belt, just to name a few.

Today, Surprise Attack have announced a huge change, in that they’re rebranding to Fellow Traveller. This means a change not only in name, but also in focus. Alongside the rebranding, they’ve announced two new games, Neo Cabs and In Other Waters to their lineup, as well as nine other titles spanning through to Q1 2020, so they’re definitely going to be busy for a while to come.

Chris Wright, managing director for Fellow Traveller, had the following to say:

“The flavour we are focusing on at Fellow Traveller is games that push at the edges of what narrative games can be, bringing fresh and unusual experiences and exploring untapped themes in ways only games can.”

“This is where our passion lies as a team and it is also a space that we feel has a huge amount of potential for small developers to explore. On our own label it’s games like Hacknet, Orwell or our latest signing, Neo Cab. Looking outside of our catalogue, it’s titles like Papers Please, Oxenfree, Gone Home or The Stanley Parable that would exemplify this style of game.”

You can check out the new Fellow Traveller website here, full of information about their current and upcoming titles. I know I, for one, am very excited to see what their future holds.

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