PC Gaming Show 2018 Recap

For the fourth year running the PC Gaming Show has come to E3, focusing just on the games that will be coming to the best gaming platform. This was probably the most diverse collection of games we’ve seen from this particular press conference this year, but it was also very long. So let’s get to it!

First game shown was from Coffee Stain Studios. Satisfactory. That’s the name of the game. Satisfactory. It’s a pun, as the game is about building a gigantic factory in a huge, open world. If you’ve played Factorio you will get the general idea here, except Satisfactory is in full 3D, rather than the usual 2D top down perspective. Co-op multiplayer, multiple biomes, 30 square kilometres to build in. Just set up this one last manufacturing system before bed…

The next game shown was Neo Cab, a futuristic game where you work for an Uber-like company, driving around a city picking up passengers and taking them places, while some kind of authority is hunting down your friend. Seemed a little weird, but sometimes you need a little weird.

Time for the first Battle Royale title of the presentation! Mavericks Proving Grounds is promising a whopping 1,000 players in a single game, which seems a little implausible, but lets assume they can pull it off. Players can be tracked by the footprints they leave on the ground, disturbed branches on bushes and the like. There seems to be some limited destruction in play as well, with walls being blown up and jumped through.

Next, a reimagined and rebuilt version of a very popular mod from Modern Storyteller. The Forgotten City began as a mod for Skyrim but is now a fully fledged game in its own right. Without giving too much away it looks like you’ll need to solve a mystery to find out why a city full of people turn to gold statues if anyone in the city sins? That seems to be the gist.

Star Control is back! Stardock are creating a new version of the classic game, this time with explorable planets and a full simulated universe. While you’re busy in one corner of the universe an alien race could be wreaking havoc elsewhere.

Modding will also be supported, letting talented ship builders create replicas of their favourite science fiction vessels and bundle them up for other players to download. Expect a plethora of Star Wars and Star Trek ships soon after launch!

Hunt: Showdown is already in Early Access on Steam, but they’re here at the PC Gaming Show to tease some new content coming soon. It looks to be set in an alternate Wild West, with monsters to fight along with other humans. Having not heard of it before, at all, it was a good choice to get their trailer into the show!

Archangel: Hellfire is a VR mech shooter which was originally going to be entirely singleplayer, but after fans clamoured for a multiplayer version, it’s now a multiplayer game. Coming July 17th, or you can play it in Early Access right now.

The Sinking City, not to be confused with The Forgotten City, is a creepy investigation based game with no handholding, you need to figure everything out for yourself. And if things aren’t going well for you, your sanity can start to slip and hallucinations may take over. Which sounds both interesting and terrifying!

Warframe is here too, both to tease their upcoming content drop, which finally introduces the Umbra Tenno, as well as remind everyone that TennoCon is happening July 7th. If you watch it on Twitch and have your Warframe account linked you can even get some bonus goodies, which seems a no brainer if you’re already neck deep in Warframe.

Sega is bringing heaps of games to PC. Here’s a taste!

Killing Floor 2 is bringing back its very popular Summer Sideshow event, this time set on a flying Steampunk craft of some sort? Lots of crazy clowns and robots to destroy. They’re also adding a new weapon upgrade system, allowing you to keep using your favourite weapons from earlier levels right into the endgame.

And this weekend, Killing Floor 2 will be free to play! So if you’ve still not tried it, now is your chance.

Tripwire, makers of Killing Floor 2, are now also stepping into publishing games from other studios. Their first foray into this area was with Road Redemption, which came out last year.

Tripwire is also teaming up with the original creator of the Killing Floor mod, Alex Quick, to publish his team’s newest game… MAN EATER.

OPEN WORLD ACTION RPG WHERE YOU PLAY AS A SHARK. E3 Game of the Year 2018, no question.

Next up, from Untitled Publisher, BraveryNetworkOnline. Some kind of weird animated fighting game, with very weird attack options, like blowing your opponent a kiss.

Also from Untitled Publisher, Morning Star. Not entirely sure what this is, but it’s a short trailer. Watch it and see why it’s difficult to describe.

Another from Untitled Publisher! Overwhelm is a pixelly shooter platformer thingy that looks very, very hard.

The next game shown was Jurassic World: Evolution, with a trailer narrated by the incomparable Jeff Goldblum. As it seems to not be available for embedding just yet, here instead is an interview with Mr Goldblum talking about the game.

Time for another VR title, this one from Insomniac Games. In Stormland you play as a gardener robot that is gunned down by some bad robots and you go on a quest to rebuild yourself and seek revenge on the bad robots? Find other disabled gardener robots and bring them back to life and journey further into the world. If you have an Oculus Rift setup this one looks worth your time.

Interestingly, Neo Cab isn’t the only “drive a taxi around” game out there. Night Call, set in Paris with a similar style of conversation, looks a bit more noir than neo. Not sure what it’s about, but hazarding a guess there’s a mystery that needs solving and only you, Cab Driving Man, can solve it.

Sable is next and it has a very distinctive art style. Cartoony, but not like you’ve probably seen before in video games. Explore a desert, meet interesting people, solve weird puzzles.

Star Citizen was next. Realistically it doesn’t matter what was shown because the game will never, ever be finished. But if you’re a masochist, here’s 98 seconds of what is coming in the next Alpha update.

Genesis: Alpha One looks to be another galaxy exploring, resource harvesting thing, but you can build out your own spaceship as you gather more resources. And, interesting but a little disturbing, you can splice genes from alien creatures into your crew members to give them new abilities or features. That will surely never, ever go wrong! It’s coming September 4, 2018.

Don’t Starve: Hamlet? A new entry in the Don’t Starve series, this one has a town full of pig people. HAMlet. Get it? It otherwise looks similar to previous Don’t Starve games, but presumably they’re bringing more new features. Perhaps Lettuceville and Tomatown?

Just Cause 4 made an appearance, and brought a new trailer detailing some of the nifty new features of Avalanche’s new Apex Engine. You can also visit JustCause.com/E3 to see more footage, apparently.

Overkill are making a Walking Dead Game, if you didn’t know. It looks to be a four player cooperative shooter, with walkers and human opponents to fight.

Also on The Walking Dead, Telltale are kicking off the final season of their multi-year story, with players this time taking on the role of Clementine, the girl who was rescued early in the very first episode of the game. It’s after the time jump in the comics, so she’s into her teens here and is coming to realise you can’t live constantly on the move. She finds a school with a lot of kids trying to survive and decides to help them.

Combat for this final season will not just be quick time events (QTE) but will have some unscripted fight scenes where you can choose how to tackle a foe.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season will start August 14th.

Noita looks crazy, there’s no other word for it. Every pixel is simulated in a roguelike adventure. Stand on top of a pile of sand and pieces will slide down the side, launch mine carts at foes to squash them, etc. Craaaazy, but looks very cool.

Two Point Hospital! A spiritual successor to an old Bullfrog classic, Theme Hospital, Two Point Hospital continues with the same wacky maladies and hilarious treatments. Train your doctors and nurses to get better at diagnosing and treating problems, research new cures, advance to new regions where different diseases prevail. Even deal with a volcano! Coming Fall 2018.

The second Battle Royale of the presentation is one that’s actually looking to do something quite different. Realm Royale is a class based game, with mounts, special abilities, crafting, polymorph spells and all kinds of craziness. With its more colourful presentation it is perhaps one that could chip away at Fortnite: Battle Royale’s massive player base.

Ooblets is still weird and cute. Sort of an Animal Crossing/Stardew Valley kind of thing, with dancing flowers.

Anno 1800! In Anno you build a city, trade with other regions, sometimes fight off attackers, refine resource X into Y to make Z possible. This time it’s set in 1800 as it’s the start of the Industrial Revolution, which leads to lots off scientific and societal changes, which opens the door to a lot of neat gameplay mechanics.

The final Battle Royale game of the night is another taking an interesting approach to the subject. It’s top down isometric, hand drawn cartoon graphics… and it’s based on the Cyanide & Happiness comics?!

Rapture Rejects is about what happens when God accidentally raptures all the bad people, leaving only the most holy and devout on Earth. Things get a bit violent. Head to RaptureRejects.com to sign up for the alpha.

And last but by no means least, Hitman 2! Agent 47 is back and the demonstrated hit is on a spectator at a car race, and one of the drivers. Getting the kill out on the track could be… interesting.

Hitman 2 is coming November 13, 2018 and if you preorder you can play the Sniper Assassin mode right now. Including in co-op!

And that’s it for the PC Gaming Show for another year. Boy, it was long. But there were a heck of a lot of games to show this time. Good news, PC fans!

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