Bethesda announced many things at E3 2018

After last year’s kinda lackluster showing at E3 Bethesda really needed to bring the big guns out for E3 2018. But who knew they had this many guns up their sleeve?

This year the show kicked off with Rage 2, Tim Willits cheerfully announcing on stage that Rage is back. Thanks Tim, we noticed! If you’re at E3 it will be playable on the show floor, but if you’re at home we learned a couple of new things.

The Earth was struck by a meteor which wiped out around 80% of the human population, leaving humanity and various hideous mutants to fight it out over what’s left. It’s a seamless open world and the ranger character you play seems to have some kind of superpowers, which can be upgraded throughout the course of the game. They also specifically called out that if you can see a vehicle in the game you can drive it, which will be good for getting from point A to point B, as Avalanche are known for making stupendously large worlds to play in.

As for a release date? A vague Spring 2019. (Autumn in the southern hemisphere.)

Next was a short section on how proud they are of the overhauled visuals and gameplay coming to Elder Scrolls Legends later this year. It’s their version of card games like Magic: The Gathering or Hearthstone, but filled with Elder Scrolls lore. And soon you’ll be able to play it on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Playstation 4. If you’re already playing it on PC or mobile you can also carry your progress over to the new versions, via your Bethesda account.

Continuing the Elder Scrolls theme, on the back of the recent release of the Summerset DLC for Elder Scrolls Online, the next bit of content, named Wolfhunter, will be a dungeon focused on werewolves. Elder Scrolls Online players have been begging for more werewolf content, apparently. Some time after that a major DLC, Murkmire, will launch, reintroducing Black Marsh to fans.

Doom Eternal was briefly teased next and will be shown more fully at QuakeCon in August. Until then, here’s a short teaser.

Quake Champions made a big deal about being the original esport, but if there’s one thing we know about video games it’s that being first doesn’t necessarily make you the best. Still, for the coming week, June 10-17, you can hop into Quake Champions for free and try it for yourself. If you nab it during this free week you can continue playing thereafter, as well. Go to to grab your copy!

Prey is getting 3 new modes starting… right about now! You can play in Story mode, start over in New Game+, or try Survival. And coming soon, Mooncrash, an infinitely replayable mode where you try, over and over, to escape the moon. Which looks incredibly frustrating, but fun!

One other mode was also teased, a 5v1 multiplayer thing, mimics versus one human. Mimics can disguise themself as world objects and try to kill the one human. And Typhon Hunter (?) will also be available in VR!

Wolfenstein 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch on June 29!

Perhaps more interestingly, a new Wolfenstein game is also coming. Wolfenstein Youngblood is set in 1980s Paris, in the Wolfenstein alternate timeline, not ours, it will feature the twin daughters of Wolfenstein’s main character, BJ. And yes, since it has 2 characters that does mean you can play co-op!

Also revealed, but not shown, Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot for VR. Hack into the Nazi machines and turn them on their creators.

But now, what you’ve all been waiting for… Skyrim: Very Special Edition.

Yes, I would play Skyrim on Alexa if I had one. Don’t judge me.

Seriously though, the real reason most people tuned in – Fallout 76. It is indeed a prequel to all the other Fallout games, it’s apparently 4 times larger than Fallout 4, it’s set in West Virginia and you’re a Vault Dweller. Among the very first to leave the Vaults and venture out onto the surface.

Fallout 76 will have fancy new rendering technology, among other things allowing you to view weather systems from far away, but also making the terrain look a lot nicer it seems.

Your main quest is set by the Overseer of your vault, though it’s unclear if you necessarily need to follow that, or can do more of whatever you want, like regular Fallout games.

Being set in West Virginia also allowed them to dig into some of the folklore of the area, plus invent some new mutated creatures to fight. There’s also a lot of hidden secrets scattered around the area.

And every human you meet, every character, will be a real person. Fallout 76 is an entirely online game.

But you can play by yourself, if you want. Bethesda love that their games are so good for soloists and they didn’t want to lose that, but like a lot of people they wondered what their worlds would be like if you have some friends by your side.

Should you die, you won’t lose your progress or character. It’s not as hardcore as some might want, with Todd Howard describing it as more like softcore survival.

You also won’t be in a world brimming with other players. The server you’re on will only have a few dozen people at most, not hundreds or thousands. You can join friends whenever you want and any progress you make is permanent on your character.

You can also build anything wherever the heck you want, thanks to the C.A.M.P. device. The Constructions and Assembly Mobile Platform. Sort of like the Conquest mod for Fallout 4, it seems, allowing you to set up a workshop in the world and build fortifications or finery. You can also pack it all up and move somewhere else if you’d like.

There is a beta coming, sign up on Bethesda’s website.

But we won’t have long to wait for the full thing. Fallout 76 is releasing November 14, 2018.

There’s also a crazy awesome collector’s edition, with a power armour helmet, among other goodies. Expect it to cost a fortune and be totally worth it.

And just one more thing on Fallout… Fallout Shelter is coming to Nintendo Switch, because of course it is. It’s also coming to Playstation 4. Both of those, right about now!

Now, something new from Bethesda’s most loved franchise. The Elder Scrolls: Blades. Coming to iOS and Android. It’s a proper first person RPG, with rogue-like adventures and a personal town for players to upgrade, you’re a member of the Emperor’s elite agents, The Blades.

It will be coming to PC, consoles and VR eventually as well. And you can pre-order right now, but it’s going to be free, so not sure why you’d need to pre-order?

Or you can register for early access at

Bethesda is not quite done yet. They’ve been working for a long time on a brand new, next generation, singleplayer game. It’s a new franchise. Their first wholly original one in 25 years.

Starfield is real, guys! IT’S REAL! We know basically nothing at all about it, but Bethesda have finally admitted it really is a thing that’s coming some day. Which is neat!

They’re still not quite done though…

Of course they’re working on The Elder Scrolls VI as well. Don’t expect this for a long, long time though, fancy teaser trailer or not. E3 2020 might be interesting?

And that’s it for Bethesda! Lots of big announcements, including a few surprises. Which ones have you most excited?

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