Avalanche Studios announce open world survival title Generation Zero

Avalanche Studios sure seem to have been keeping themselves busy since 2015’s Mad Max and Just Cause 3. They’ve already announced Rage 2, to be published by Bethesda Softworks, and today they’ve announced something they’re publishing themselves.

Generation Zero plays to Avalanche’s strengths, in that it’s set in a large open world players can traverse freely. This time, instead of a fictional locale, the game is set in the company’s home country of Sweden, albeit Sweden of the 1980s.

One to four players in “seamless co-op” must evade hostile machines until they are geared up enough to begin fighting back. Use guerilla tactics to lure machines into carefully planned ambushes and share the loot with your friends.

Avalanche is also touting persistence of the machines roaming the world, meaning if you shoot off the giant laser on a machine but it gets away, when you find that machine again later it will still be missing that laser.

As seen in the announcement trailer, the machines come in a variety of sizes, with the large ones looking like they’ll provide a heck of a challenge.

There’s no release date set, other than a vague “Coming 2019” but we may see more during E3 next week.

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