Fallout, Pokemon and everything inbetween – What you need to know

So. Videogames went absolutely nuts over the last couple of days. Which is understandable considering E3 is very quickly closing in and leaks are springing all over the place, whether it’s thanks to Walmart or cheeky individuals leaking very real news on April 1st, of all things.

So. I could write one news post for each of these things individually and clog your feed, or I could put everything you need to know right here for your ease of reading! So here we go, everything that’s happened, what you need to know, and the smaller announcements you might have missed:

Fallout 76 

Bethesda’s newest title is first off the ranks. Bethesda originally started teasing this through a stream on their Twitch channel featuring nothing but a ‘please stand by’ and a Vault Boy bobblehead, taunting us with that ever so charming grin of his. Of course, this wasn’t all that happened. Over the course of this we were reminded it was absolutely live by various little interruptions. Vault Boy puppets dabbing. Pete Hines, Bethesda marketing guru, drinking some spiked Nuka Colas. A mysterious masked man threatening to stab our heroic Vault Boy bobblehead only to give the thumbs up. A lot of balloons. It was a wild ride.


Image credit to abigailmarstons on Tumblr

Look at that little dude go. Anyway, all this turned out to be for a brand new title, after a lot of speculating over remasters and ports of Skyrim to the Pip Boy in Fallout 4. Kotaku has reported that the game is an online endeavor, born from wanting to make a multiplayer Fallout 4. How true this is currently remains to be seen, but they’ve reported that the game will have a similar feel to titles like Rust or DayZ. It’s also said the game will have a pretty heavy focus on story, settlement building will return and play a huge part, and that it’s a game that is constantly evolving.

In the games lore, Vault 76 is mentioned in both Fallout 3 and 4 as a Vault in West Virginia said to contain only 500 people and is designated to open 20 years after the bombs drop. This means we’ll be experiencing a very different Fallout world, one that’s not nearly as tame as what we’ve seen in the games which take place generally 200 years after the end of the world. Whether the 500 person thing will be implemented through gameplay isn’t certain, in terms of a 500 people per server type thing, but we’ll find out all that and more at E3.

Pokemon Galore

So much Pokemon happened. So much. I’m still recovering. I’m still taking deep breaths and putting myself back together. There was a big ol’ press conference from the Pokemon Company and they had a lot to show off. First up was Pokemon Quest, a Nintendo Switch title that’s free to download right now, and it’s also coming to mobile devices in June. It looks like a very cute take similar to the free to play title Pokemon Rumble World on the 3DS. The player is introduced to Tumblecube Island, where all the Pokemon are cute little cube versions of themselves. The player creates a camp and goes about recruiting new Pokemon to their party, while also having more control than ever over the stats. It’s definitely a stripped down version of the game, but it’s cute and interesting enough to hold us over until the bigger release in November.

That would be, of course, Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee. A brand new RPG set in the Kanto region that aims to be an introductory game for casual and younger players who want to get into the Pokemon world. They’ve done this through incorporating Pokemon Go in what’s quickly becoming controversial for some, but delightful for others. The game will only feature the original 151 Pokemon and their Alolan forms, though developers were a little sketchy on confirming whether this would remain the case over the long term in an interview with IGN. The game also offers up the PokeBall Plus, which not only functions as a Joy-Con to play the game with, but also a sort of pedometer similar to the one that came with Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Players can take their chosen Pokemon out for a walk for bonuses. The game also promises cross-functionality with Pokemon Go.

Capturing wild Pokemon will be similar to Go, in that there are no battles, only items to be used and perfect timing in throws. Though battling is still present in trainer encounters. Players can also walk alongside their favourites, or even ride them as a trusty steed. Currently, the game is looking to be a love letter to the original Pokemon Yellow, but whether it’s a remake, a reimagining, or just a game set in the same region is yet to be seen.

Finally, a new main series title was announced for the Switch to be released in 2019. Nothing else was announced about it, but it’s definitely a core title along the lines of Sun/Moon. The fact that it’s for the Switch is very exciting, considering the power that will offer and the scale it could be on.

Sonic Team Racing

This was a weird one. Around the time of all the bigger teasers, the Sonic Facebook and Twitter gave a mysterious glimpse of… Something. Of course, this went unnoticed by most, only for Walmart to later leak the title, along with a few screenshots. Realizing the jig was up, Sega quickly put out an official trailer and a little bit of an explanation. Team Sonic Racing is a title set for PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch some time later this year. The game will feature a story mode, 12 player online racing, local multiplayer for up to four people and 15 characters to choose from.

And in unrelated and kind of odd Sonic news, we were reminded that the Sonic movie is still a thing that’s going to happen, with Variety reporting that Westworld star James Marsden is set to star in the live action/animation hybrid.

Lego DC Super-Villains

Another entry in the surprisingly cute and successful Lego series of games. Lego DC Super-Villains will allow players to make their own original villain and then have them mingle with the worst of the worst. The Justice League has vanished, which leaves the villains to, weirdly enough, pick up the slack. Local multiplayer will be available and the game releases on October 16 for Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Mega Man 11

This one is pretty fun. Mega Man is confirmed to have a brand new adventure for Switch, PC, Xbox One and PS4, due for release on October 2nd. The game will follow the classic side scrolling but is the first classic titled entry to be in 3D. The game will also feature plenty of new toys to play with, so players old and new will get something out of it.

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