E3 2018, Where and When to Watch It!

E3 is right around the corner. It’s drawing ever closer, set to take place between the Saturday the 9th through to the Wednesday the 13th of June. That’s next month, if you’re not keeping track. Developers everywhere have been teasing their new games, leaks have been springing from every corner (most of which seem pretty darn questionable), and the smell of video games lingers heavily in the air. At least, I hope that’s video games.

So, as an Australian, what kinds of ridiculous hours are we going to have to stay up to this year? Once again, Cheesemeister on Twitter has come up with a handy-dandy chart of times. Though these are worldwide, I’ve taken it a step further to provide you with an Australian/New Zealand equivalent so you’ll know what you’re doing, when you’re doing it, and when you should be making your obnoxiously large tub of popcorn to eat/throw at the screen.

Of course, don’t worry too much if you miss any of them. The internet will be on fire with news, including us. Not literally. Probably? Keep a fire extinguisher handy all the same.

There are a few suggestions for what to look out for, Sony’s conference for one, is expected to be a highlight. They’ve promised no new hardware, which is a relief, as well as a focus on The Last of Us Part II, Death Stranding, Spider-Man and Ghost of Tsushima. Bethesda has been teasing something with a regular stream of images to their Twitter. And, of course, Nintendo is always just a whole lot of fun and has had a recent explosion of indie focus for the Switch.

So stay tuned!

in LA in Sydney/Melbourne in Adelaide in Perth in NZ

(Youtube | Twitch)
June 09 – 11am PT Sun June 10 – 4AM AEST 3:30AM ACST 2AM AWST 6AM NZST

Youtube | Twitch )
June 10 – 1pm PT Mon June 11 – 6AM AEST 5:30AM ACST 2AM AWST 8AM NZST

( Youtube | Twitch )
June 10 – 6:30pm PT Mon June 11 – 11:30AM AEST 11:00AM ACST 9:30AM AWST 1:30PM NZST

( Youtube | Twitch )
June 11 -3pm PT Tue June 12 – 8AM AEST 7:30AM ACST 6AM AWST 10AM NZST

( Youtube | Twitch )
June 11 – 1pm PT Tue June 12 – 6AM AEST 5:30AM ACST 4AM AWST 8AM NZST

( Youtube | Twitch )
June 11 – 6pm PT Tue June 12 – 11AM AEST 10:30AM ACST 9AM AWST 1PM NZST

( Youtube | Twitch )
June 12 – 9am PT Wed June 13th – 2AM AEST 1:30AM ACST 12AM AWST 4AM NZST

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