PAX Aus 2018 tickets on sale now!

With 2018 promising to have the biggest PAX Aus yet, with the inclusion of the EB Expo, which has fans all over Australia frothing at the mouth to get in. And, with tickets on sale today, that opportunity is now closer than ever. Tickets are available through both the PAX Aus website and the EB Games website. Both websites offer early bird pricing, but they also both have their own unique bonuses to offer. If, of course, you have the extra money for them.

The PAX Aus website is offering bonus dice stands (to nicely compliment the limited edition dice sold at the 2017 PAX Aus), PAX Aus socks, and a ‘PAX Aus survival kit’ containing a water bottle, a pair of socks and a battery pack. All of which are pretty darn important for an event like this. Well, maybe not so much the socks, but as a lover of socks I was certainly intrigued.

EB Games, however, offers the special ‘EB Expo Ultimate Gamer Badge’. For the rather intimidating price tag of $499, EB Games promises a 3 day pass to PAX Aus, as well as access to an ‘exclusive gamer program’ before the event, an ‘ultimate gamer function’, early access to the pop up EB Games megastore, free shipping on purchases from said mega store, access to a private EB Games hosted ‘chill out lounge’, and free locker access. EB Games also promises more to be announced on top of this, and I would hope so, because with a price tag that steep I would expect my own bag guy to carry all my various PAX Aus purchases. Which there’s usually a lot of. I only have so many hands, EB Games and PAX Aus. Please.

At any rate, nothing else about the event has been announced, though PAX Aus has stated they’re not too far off announcing their keynote speaker which is always a highlight. With any luck, we’ll start getting bits and pieces of information on who else will be attending and exhibiting, what events will be on, whether or not dogs will be there again for us to pet, that kind of thing.

And, of course, you can count on Player Attack to inform you of all the updates, as well as the latest news at the event itself.

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