World of Tanks 1.0 Update looks (and sounds) AMAZING

World of Tanks has been playable on PC now for nearly seven years, so it’s about time for the team at Wargaming to put the finishing touches on the massive update that brings the game officially up to version 1.0. The brand new release brings with it stunning improved visuals and a new soundtrack, as well as 29 completely reworked battlefields and an entirely new map. If you’ve not visited the World of Tanks for a while, now’s a pretty good time to come back.

Milos Jerabek, Development Director for World of Tanks PC, explains:

Update 1.0 improves the baseline technology for the game, introducing the in-house developed Wargaming Core graphics engine. Thanks to it, we’re now capable of elevating the entire game and can ensure World of Tanks is a fun and immersive experience for years to come.

But Wargaming couldn’t do it alone. The new Update 1.0 has been released in partnership with Intel, making sure the developer is on the cutting edge of tech, and able to use the latest advances and innovations to make its gaming experiences even better.

Michelle Chuaprasert, Sr. Director of Developer Relations Programs and Initiatives at Intel Corporation continues:

Intel is committed to driving technical innovation in the PC gaming industry,” said “The advancements being made by Wargaming in its next release of World of Tanks represent the next generation of PC gaming experiences.

While the amazing visual fidelity is the thing you’ll notice first, Update 1.0 is also a treat for the ears – the new soundtrack is fully dynamic, with each in-game location given its own unique musical theme. If you find yourself enjoying the new atmospheres, you can grab a copy of the official soundtrack for free on “all major music platforms”, thanks to Sony Music Entertainment.

Here’s a taste – the soundtrack to the new map Glacier, by Andrey Kulik feat. Andrius Klimka.

…of course, the launch hasn’t been a quiet affair. To celebrate, World of Tanks has kicked off the Grand Extravaganza – a two-week long marathon of battle and rewards. Not only can you play on the new maps and gawk at the super-shiny visuals, but you can earn multiple in-game bonuses and win cool prizes from the team at Intel.

The Grand Extravaganza will run from March 30 until April 14 and – as always – World of Tanks is 100% free to play, so you have no excuse for not heading back to battle!

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