Australia’s youngest esports star

What were you doing when you were 9 years old? I know for me, I was happily playing Crash Bandicoot on my PS1, eating too much candy and generally just being a regular 9 year old, not even thinking about careers or making anything of myself. Max, also known as Orange Ocelot, is definitely doing a heck of a lot more than that.

In August 2017, Orange Ocelot was on his way to Aneheim in America for the Pokemon World Championships after being ranked 6th in the Oceanic region. Already an amazing accomplishment on its own, he was then contracted to Oracle Empyre, becoming the youngest signed member. On top of that, he has his own clothing line and is sponsored by major brands such as AK Racing and Cloth Armoury.

I’m sure after reading that, you’re feeling just as amazed and slightly inadequate as I am. And he’s not done, either. Now, with the help of his parents, he’s planning to establish himself as a streamer and already has a following on his Youtube account, as well as his Twitter account.

So just who is Orange Ocelot? I took some time to have a chat with him to find out more about this next generation streamer.

[Player Attack]: What made you want to get into streaming?
[Orange Ocelot]: I had been begging my mum for over a year because I was a huge fan of Dan TDM and Popular MMO’s…but it wasn’t until I signed my first esports contract that I was allowed to start making videos and streaming every Monday. Some of my friends at school also make Youtube videos, so it’s pretty common!
I really like making new gaming friends at events and online, so for me, streaming makes sense.
[PA]: And you’re even signed to a team and sponsored, how did that come about?
[OO]: Last year when I found out that I qualified for the World Pokemon Championships, mum started a Go Fund Me page so we could get to Anaheim in the USA. She also made a Twitter account and started sharing the page within the gaming community and raised about 3/4 of the amount needed. Just before the end of the Go Fund Me campaign, I was approached by about 3 esports organisations for possible sponsorship. In the end I signed with Oracle Empyre! I’m also sponsored by Cloth Armoury clothing.
[PA]: Are you looking to get into the games industry in the future? Maybe developing games other people can stream?
[OO]: At this stage, I’m hoping to stream full time and play competitively across a few different games. I don’t know what happens after that yet!
[PA]: I see you’re a big Pokemon fan, what do you think of the older games? Have you ever sat down with a Gameboy and a copy of Pokemon Red or Blue? 
[OO]: I love Pokemon but I’ve never played on a Gameboy. I’ve only ever played on a 2DS / 3DS and Alpha Sapphire is the oldest Pokemon game I’ve played. I’m more interested in new games and I’m looking forward to the release of PixArk, coming out at the end of the month. I like a lot of games though and play a lot of Overwatch, Subnautica, Fortnite, Minecraft and Roblox.
I think the oldest game I’ve played is Skate 3.
[PA]: What do all your mates at school think of what you do?
[OO]: Mostly good things!! I do have one kid at school who says nasty things but nearly everyone thinks it’s pretty cool that I get to travel for competitions, live stream and vlog from gaming events.
There’s heaps of kids at school making videos but they aren’t supported by their parents and the Australian gaming community.
[PA]: What kind of things do you like to do when you’re not working on your streams?
[OO]: School, Soccer, watch movies, watch Youtube videos and creating other content like interviews, photos, editing and stuff.
[PA]: What have the major challenges been in getting where you are?
[OO]: Probably in getting followers / subscribers and setting up my first stream and making sure we had the right equipment!
[PA]: Do you have any major goals you’d like to achieve? Streamers to work with, events to attend, that kind of thing?
[OO] Streamers – Popular MMO’s, Dan TDM, Kardplays & Brendan Atebit from Openhaus TV, ZoeTwoDots
Events – PAX 2018 and Twitchcon in the USA, but I like going to any gaming events!
Short term, perform well at the World Pokemon Championships 2018 in Nashville.
Longterm goals – Top level Overwatch Player and full time streamer
[PA]: Any words of advice for people of any age that want to break into streaming? 
[OO]: I can’t exactly give advice, but my mum could! She’s helped me put together my brand, content, social media and streams and made it possible to attend events. Maybe making friends with people in the gaming community and treating them nicely!

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