PAX Aus and EB Expo to team up

PAX Aus has always been the Southern Hemisphere’s largest and most prominent gaming expo, but it’s about to get a heck of a lot bigger. EB Games have announced they’re going to take their EB Expo to PAX in 2018 to make a bigger and better event with more games than before from publishers and developers and, of course, that means more hands on games for you at the event itself.

So what does this mean for the event, exactly? It means a dedicated on floor area for publishers to showcase all their upcoming titles, a brand new theater along with the 6 already present for developers to talk about their games, dubbed the ‘EB Expo Live Theater’ and, of course, Australia’s biggest EB Games popup store so you can get your hands at all the games you could imagine at the event.

This means that event-goers will get more access than ever to new games, developer panels, and more major publishers at the event with a reported 180+ companies from around the world going to be attending. Thousands of playable games and over 150 hours of on-stage content has also been promised. In previous years, developers have had to split their content up between the two events, taking place at different times of the year and at different sides of the country. There have been many a year where I’ve looked at the schedule of EB Expo only to find things I wish I could have seen at PAX.

Jono Whyman, event manager for PAX Aus, had the following to say about the absolutely monumental team up:

“PAX Aus grows every year, and in 2018, EB Expo is the red mushroom to our Italian plumber. We’re incredibly excited to partner with EB Games to level up PAX Aus and continue to put on the biggest, best gaming show for our die-hard fans and new members of the PAX family.”

Debra McGrath, EB Games own event director, had this to say:

“When we created the EB Expo in 2011, our aim was to share our love of video games with as many people as possible. Our vision for the future is to create a world-class event that becomes a landmark on the global gaming calendar. After an exhaustive search we have found a kindred spirit in the awesome team at PAX Australia, who share our vision.”

“Together, with the full support of the Australian publisher community, the IGEA and Creative Victoria we are committed to creating an event that gives Australians the experience they deserve.”

PAX Aus will be held at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Center from October 26-28.


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