Jurassic World Alive lets you catch dinosaurs in the real world

A friend just sent me a message: “I’m kinda excited for the Jurassic Park/Pokémon Go kinda game” – and I assumed she was talking about a rumour, or some wishful thinking, or something that has no release date and would end up languishing in development hell. And I was wrong. Jurassic World Alive is a real thing, from Ludia, due out in just a couple of months. In case you were wondering, I’m kinda excited now, too.

It really is that simple. It’s a mobile, location-based, augmented reality game that’s set to launch alongside the cinematic release of Jurasic World: Fallen Kingdom. On the surface, it’s fairly similar to that other mobile, location-based, augmented reality game that swept the globe a couple of years ago – you run around the real world capturing rare creatures that are lurking in your local park. This time, you can incubate them, extract their dino DNA, raise your own hybrid beasts, and then pit them against other people’s mutated creations.

Alex Thabet, President and CEO of Ludia, explains:

With Jurassic World Alive, our goal is for audiences to be fully immersed into a world with living dinosaurs in a way that’s never been possible until today. We’re giving them the opportunity to explore and connect with likeminded players while building and interacting with these powerful prehistoric species.

Set for release on both Apple and Android devices, Jurassic World Alive will be available from June 21 (“just ahead” of the film’s release). If you’re already kinda excited about this one, you can pre-register on the official website to be the first to know when anything happens.

Oh, and… after all that, we need to give some serious accolades to Ludia. The Canadian developer has been working on this game for goodness knows how long, and could have revealed it well in advance, capitalising on the augmented reality hype. Instead, the team has waited until now, after Pokémon Go and all its ups and downs have faded. Today, it feels almost like a “one more thing” surprise, and has captured our imaginations again. Well done, Ludia.

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