Google to enter the console market

Google, the tech giant conquering pretty much every tiny inch of the tech industry, has now decided to set their sights firmly on the console market. Well, sort of. Google has begun work on the project codenamed ‘Yeti’, a home console that acts as a sort of Netflix, but for video games, as reported by Gizmodo.

The idea would be users would take up a subscription with their service for access to an entire library of games that are hosted on remote servers and then streamed directly to your TV through the console in a similar fashion to how the Steamlink streams games from your Steam account to your TV. Although you won’t need your computer to be on, with the hardware capable of connecting to servers and running the games entirely on its own.

There would be no downloads involved, either, as every game would be 100% streamed. Thus the whole ‘Netflix but for video games’ thing. Similar services currently exist in places like America, but of course, none of them extend to Australia so with any luck this would be a great way for people to get access to more games than ever.

As for what games would be on the service, Google has had discussions with developers, but it’s currently unclear what games would be available and if developers are willing to create games specifically for the service.

Google has even gone as far as to hire former Playstation and Xbox executive Paul Harrison to lead the project, so they’re even making sure people with the proper know-how are in on it.

Other than this, the project is a bit of a mystery. Google hasn’t even officially announced it, though speculation is rife that we’ll see an official announcement and more news at the Games Developer Conference (GDC) in San Francisco during March. So fingers crossed for that.

While current streaming services exist to a point, it’s pretty much just Playstation and Xbox’s subscription services that only offer limited titles. A cross platform all inclusive Netflix style service worldwide could absolutely shake things up and I think it’s sorely needed in a world where streaming is increasingly becoming the future.

As always, Player Attack will keep you updated as soon as more information comes to hand.

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