Think games aren’t romantic? Think again

You know, I hear it all the time. People thinking video games can’t be romantic or ruin relationships or whatever lame things come out of peoples mouths that I wind up tuning out over. But Valentine’s Day is coming up and I figured this would be the perfect time to show just how romantic games can be in the right hands. And, in those hands, they’ve been turned into amazing marriage proposals. So here are a few of my favourites to perhaps inspire your own proposal, get you in the mindset for a good Valentine’s Day, or show your coworkers who are all ‘weh video games are lame’.

Custom Portal 2 Proposal

I think it’s important we start off with what I think is the biggest and best possible proposal imaginable. Co-op mode in any game is already a good bonding activity. But it could be better. At least, that’s what Gary Hudston thought as he contacted not just a few Portal 2 developers, but also the voice of the infamous GLaDoS herself, Ellen McLain.

And so together, they all set about developing a custom level with the purpose of creating one of the most amazing marriage proposals of all time. It starts off pretty normal, but as it progresses, things just become clearer until Hudston’s girlfriend saw the proposal, turned around and saw the man himself down on one knee.

She said yes, of course. Who wouldn’t if GLaDoS was menacingly overseeing the whole thing.

Chrono Trigger Hack Proposal

So maybe you don’t have the initiative or the ability to go ahead and create your own custom level, but maybe you’ve still got a bit of talent to work with some pre-existing framework. You think to yourself, ‘hey, what if I went and put it into a game my partner loves?’

That’s exactly what Phill Spiess did. He wanted to take her back to the mountain they had their first date on, but when that wasn’t possible, what better way is there than recreating it in a game you both love? And so, the Chrono Trigger proposal was born.

PAX Aus Cosplay Proposal

Alright, so you have no talent in coding of any kind, but you still want to do something special. You’re still pretty good with your hands, you love to cosplay with your partner, and you think. You know what? Why not turn this hobby that we both love into a super romantic moment? This special proposal came from PAX Aus 2017 and Shannon Connellan of Mashable recounts the whole story.

Sasha Scott and Nick Naeve are cosplay tragics, regularly turning up to events together in cosplay. While Sasha donned the garb of Katana from DC Comics Bombshells, Nick chose to don the armor of Master Chief himself. And it looked cool as hell.

As the couple rounded the Xbox booth, where gamers were playing away at latest and upcoming releases, Nick got down on one knee and impressed the crowd. Not only did she say yes, but they’ve decided to go with a full on superhero themed wedding to boot. Dress code is mandatory, of course.

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