Kingdom Hearts III receives 2 new trailers

D23 Expo Japan, Disney’s official Japanese event, has come again. Naturally, this means more Kingdom Hearts news, and Square Enix and Disney completely delivered on that front with not one, but two new trailers and a little bit of what we can expect come E3.

As you  can see, Monsters Inc. has been confirmed as a new world, complete with new monster designs for Sora and co. As well as showing off the fact that not only can you have your complete party of Donald and Goofy, but also two additional party members unique to the world. It also shows a little bit of the previously announced Tangled world, which we’d only seen concept art for. There are also summons and unique weapons being shown off, and the gamepllay looks as though it will be reminiscent of Dream Drop Distance with its parkour-esque system. Which, might I add, was fun as all get out.

A second trailer was also released to show off a snippet of the games new theme song, written and performed by Utada Hikaru who has been with the series since the beginning. The song is called ‘Don’t Think Twice’, and, might I add, it’s quite the bop.

Square Enix also discussed a few gameplay details during the event, confirming the Gummi Ship segments will return, split into an ‘exploration’ phase and a ‘combat’ phase. The exploration phase has been likened to something of an open world thing while combat is more akin to what we’ve seen previously.

It was also confirmed we’ll see more of Kingdom Hearts at E3, as well as a confirmation on the release date.

Kingdom Hearts III is due out in 2018 for Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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