Nintendo dishes out two big announcements!

Nintendo has recently made two absolutely amazing and pretty darn big announcements in regards to their mustached plumber hero that we all love, Mario. Both come as a bit of a surprise, with the announcements being made over Nintendo’s social media, leading to speculation from fans worldwide.

The first, and perhaps the biggest announcement is that Nintendo is working with Illumination Entertainment to create a Mario film! This was originally confirmed by the Wall Street Journal back in November, but only now the details are coming to light. You might know Illumination Entertainment from the incredibly popular Despicable Me, and the perhaps more infamous Minions that your extended family keeps posting on Facebook. Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo’s much loved creator, is acting as producer for the film along with Illumination’s own CEO Chris Meledandri, with the film being distributed by Universal.

Nintendo has been far more liberal with its IP’s lately, following the news of the Detective Pikachu film starring Ryan Gosling in the works. But whether or not this is a win for them is up in the air, but so long as it’s not similar to the 1993 “classic” Super Mario film, I think we’re in for a good ride. And, of course, I’m sure we’re all hoping Charles Martinet reprises the role that we’ve all come to know and love him for. It just wouldn’t be Mario without him.

The second announcement is slightly less of a surprise, but still something exciting. Nintendo has also announced that a Mario Kart title is in the works for mobile. The game, being called Mario Kart Tour, has only been given the vague release window of the end of the fiscal year for 2019, which means we should see it around March.

Given the success of Mario Run, and Mario Kart being a worldwide favourite, this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. Although with Nintendo closing the servers for Miitomo after only two years, it shows that they haven’t quite refined their approach just yet when it comes to social games. Sure, there’s Pokemon Go, but that was handled by Niantic.

With these two big announcements, the future is looking bright for our favourite plumber. And it certainly helps with the news of the Nintendo Switch sales, already having eclipsed the lifetime sales for the Wii U. And having killer apps like Super Mario Odyssy and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild certainly helps things.

So, that leaves the question, will it be a hit or a miss? What do you think?



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