What is mental health? The CheckPoint Series has the answers

Remember when we told you about the CheckPoint Series, raising money to make a web series all about mental health and video games? Well, after months of waiting – it’s finally here! The first episode – “Introduction to Mental Health” – is live now, and you can check it out right here on Player Attack.

Featuring interviews with industry luminaries like Ken Levine from Irrational Games, Josh Scherr from Naughty Dog and Teddy Diefenbach from Square Enix Montreal, this pilot episode is an introduction not only to mental health issues, but also to the general themes the series is set to tackle. And – thanks to the overwhelming support CheckPoint saw through its Kickstarter campaign, the team has been able to put together a whopping two seasons worth of content, hoping to reduce stigma, provide a safe peer-support community, spark discussion and explore just how video games can be used for positive wellbeing and resilience (see Mum? They’re more than just escapism!).

…and in case you had your doubts about the science behind all this? The CheckPoint organisation is run by mental health professionals as well as people from the games industry, ensuring that everyone is covered no matter where they’re coming from, and everything is accurate, relevant and implementable.

The CheckPoint Series is sponsored by Way Down Deep, and supported by the wonderful people at Hipster Whale, Mighty Games, Digital Fox, Well Placed Cactus, Gallagher Bassett, SuperBetter and Dinosaur Polo Club.

For more information (or your social networking fix), go visit CheckPoint on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram – the #CheckPointSeries hashtag is also being used all over the place, and promises to feature more than a few interesting debates.

We’ll see more from the series released regularly (on Mondays and Thursdays), via YouTube, Steam, the CheckPoint website and – of course – right here on Player Attack!

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