PAX Aus schedule and exhibitor list are live!

PAX Aus is approaching at a thousand kilometers an hour, and let me tell you, I am not ready. I could make this entire story about how I’m super not ready and my cosplay isn’t finished and I’m panicking, but that panic is alleviated somewhat by knowing that there’s a live schedule for all the panel events and exhibitors!

The full schedule can be viewed here at the PAX Australia website, or downloaded straight to your phone with the Guidebook app over here, with a wide range of panels featuring all kinds of people from avid fans through to game developers and journalists, as well as tournament events, speedruns of all kinds of amazing titles and fun interactive trivia events where you could win some awesome prizes. But not too many, because I’ll be there, and I also want those prizes.

For those who may not have been to a previous PAX Aus event, or aren’t used to the concept of panels at cons and want to know more, it’s pretty much a lecture on a specific element of game culture. Whether that be looking at the LGBT community in game development, or perhaps teaching you how to set up your very own game of Dungeons and Dragons, panels cover a wide cross section of interests, delivered by professionals from all walks of life taking place over the three days, October 27-29, at all times of the day.

The other huge highlight announced for the schedule is the Saturday night live bands, featuring MC Frontalot and a band I’m personally very much looking forward to, Birdman or the Unexpected Virtue of a Tony Hawk Pro Skater Cover Band.

The exhibitors are another equally important part of any PAX event, with every huge developer you could think of attending, from Sony and Microsoft through to Bandai Namco and Activision. All of which want you to play their latest games in a hands on experience.

PAX Australia’s new content manager, Luke Lancaster, had the following to say:

“PAX Aus, much like the universe, expands every year. That’s science. Also like the universe, there’s way more cool stuff than any one person could see in three days. I’m incredibly proud of the show we’ve put together this year and we can’t wait to share it with the PAX community when our doors open on October 27.”

And as an avid follower of PAX Australia since the first event in 2013, I don’t doubt this one bit.

Want to get in on the action? Tickets are still available online for $65 per individual day, or three day badges for $165. But get in quick, because tickets are selling out fast! You can get your ticket over here, or for more information you can check out the PAX Australia website here.

And don’t forget, Player Attack will be bringing you all the good stuff for those of you that can’t make it, or perhaps you just want a recap of all the fun things you saw. From panels through to indie games and cosplay, we can’t wait to bring you the best of PAX Aus.

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