Player A-Chat: Janet Gaëta (ABC, Good Game, Hybrid World Adelaide)

Welcome to Player A-Chat, where we talk with guests from all around Australia to discuss their work in video games and the current landscape of the Australian gaming community.

This week is the first and best episode featuring Janet Gaëta (Carr), Executive Producer at the ABC and creator of the popular Australian video games shows Good Game and Good Game: Spawn Point. Janet has been with the ABC for over two decades and has developed various successful TV shows throughout that time. She discusses how the Good Game shows came about, her departure from them after ten years as series producer and other pursuits in life.

She is also the Creative Director of Hybrid World Adelaide, a technology festival in SA celebrating and presenting innovations in technology. The event is held over October 4 – 8 at the Tonsley Innovation District (formerly an old Mitsubishi factory).

This episode was recorded on September 25, 2017.

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