Spaceship capturing rogue-like Heat Signature out now on Steam

The space-based rogue-like genre has another entrant with Gunpoint developer Suspicious Developments releasing Heat Signature today on Steam.

But you don’t fly the spaceships yourself in this one, instead you break into the spaceships, take out the crew with clever gadgets and weaponry and make off with your loot. Some missions require killing or rescuing a specific target instead, but whatever the goal you’ll probably find yourself fighting your way through a bunch of ships in the course of your space piracy career.

The combat system in Heat Signature lets you pause the action and plan out your next moves when things get hairy, giving you time to do ridiculous things like steal a gun from one guy, shoot his friend, throw a wrench at another, dodge a bullet and kill the last guy. That’s an example in the trailer below!

As per the trailer, you can actually blow people out into space, or be blown out yourself. Which is both neat and utterly horrifying.

And while you’re mucking about on the interior of a ship, it can come under attack from other spaceships, making it a race against time. Will you achieve your goal before the other ship blows everything up?

What really piqued my interest was a tidbit from the Steam store page.

Rescue your friends’ characters!

If someone on your friends list gets their character captured, and they aren’t able to rescue them, maybe you can! You’ll sometimes get a character whose personal goal is to rescue a friend’s character. If you manage it, you unlock your friend’s character to play as! They don’t get it back. They had their chance. It’s yours now.

That’s a really nifty use of the Steamworks platform, isn’t it?

When retiring a character you can also choose one item to pass on to future generations. Name the item and you or your Steam friends may come across it in future playthroughs. It’s like the naming scheme in No Man’s Sky, only someone might actually see the things you name.

When you retire a character, or it gets captured or killed, you can choose a new character in the same universe to carry on your adventure. If you’ve already found a few good star systems to work from you can pick up from the same place, or try your luck elsewhere.

If all this sounds interesting you can pick up Heat Signature on Steam with a 10% launch week discount for just $13.49.

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