Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode free to play from September 26

Are you one of the handful of gamers that want to play PUBG, but are not actually already playing PUBG? Well it’s good news! Fortnite’s take on the Battle Royale genre will be free to play on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 from September 26.

If you’ve somehow managed to avoid the phenomenon and haven’t seen The Hunger Games, Fortnite’s iteration of Battle Royale is pretty standard for the genre. Up to 100 players are piled into a flying party bus, from which they can jump at any time to the world below. On the way down a glider can be deployed, giving you some ability to control your descent. And, of course, avoid cratering.

Once on the ground it’s a mad dash to try and find a gun, some ammunition and start hunting the other players down. The active play area shrinks over time to keep the game from stagnating and the last person alive wins!

Maybe you’ll live a long time but lose, maybe you’ll get shot or beaten to death moments after landing. Mostly you’ll wonder why you’re wasting your time with this silly game.

As of the initial release of the mode, there’s no reason to play Fortnite: Battle Royale beyond the joy of hunting your fellow man. Epic is promising there will eventually be unlockable cosmetic items, with existing founders being the first to get their hands on such, in the form of a special founders-only glider, with a founders-only umbrella available for anyone lucky enough to win a match.

Currently players are randomly assigned either the standard female or male Soldier model, but the “proper” part of Fortnite has many variants on both, plus the Outlander, Ninja and Constructors to choose from. Whether the perks of each class will cross over to Battle Royale is not yet known, but expect a lot more visual diversity in opponents some time soon.

If you’ve already llama-ed up for a Fortnite Founder’s Pack you can jump in and try the Battle Royale mode in its basic form right now. Currently it’s every soldier for themself, with teaming theoretically forbidden. When it goes free to play there will also be a “squads” mode, so premade groups can work together to try and dominate the battlefield, without seeming like dirty cheats.

The standard game’s fort building and trap placement is still available in Battle Royale, if you were wondering. You don’t get to bring your gear over, but if you can find the materials in the world you can try building a fort, though you may not have much success doing it solo.

Squads? Squads could get real interesting.

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