Grim Dawn expansion Ashes of Malmouth coming in October

Crate Entertainment have been beavering away on the first expansion to their cult hit action RPG for quite some time now, and it’s very nearly finished!

Grim Dawn: Ashes of Malmouth is set to be released in October, with the exact date yet to be determined. What we do know is it will bring a great big pile of new content to the game, including a story expansion, two new character classes (on top of the original 6) and a stack of new loot to collect.

Grim Dawn, like its spiritual ancestor Titan Quest, allows players to choose two classes in total, mixing and matching however they best see fit. A Soldier’s melee skills could be combined with some explosive surprises from the Demolitionist, or an Occultist could supplement their spells and curses with the Shaman’s animal companions.

Adding two new classes to the game, therefore, adds a lot more than you might think.

The two new classes are the Inquisitor, a ranged weapon and arcane relic specialist, and the Necromancer, an entirely new class that has never before been seen in an action RPG!

That is, of course, a joke. Necromancers do much as you’d expect, summoning the dead as their own personal army and sapping the strength of their opponents. And already, an obvious combination has presented itself – an army of the dead from the Necromancer class backed by the ranged weaponry of the Inquisitor!

The trailer also features some new “Constellations” to be unlocked by the player. These serve as almost a third class, in that you can unlock additional abilities and bonuses from the already huge array available. Fourteen more? Sure, why not!

If you missed Grim Dawn at release last year, you can pick it up now on Steam for a quite reasonable $24.99 US. If you’re a fan of Diablo-clones it is one of the best.

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