Game Hugs Podcast – Episode 58 – Alayna Cole (Queerly Represent Me)

Game Hugs is a weekly podcast with an Australian flavour hosted by Jason Imms, offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the world of video games.

Each episode focusses on the careers and stories of a different personality from within the games industry, and Player Attack is very proud to help spread the word and get more people tuning in!

This week’s Game Hugs features the founder of Queerly Represent Me, sessional academic at the University of the Sunshine Coast, and freelance games journalist and columnist Alayna Cole.

Alayna joins host Jason Imms for our usual jaunt through the career that has led to her current position in the Australian games industry, as well as something of a rebuttal. In response to Game Hugs Episode 55 with Lisy Kane on the subject of how tertiary education is serving and failing the Australian games industry, Alayna adds her point of view as someone actively working to help her students be the best candidates they can be.

So, join us to hear her side of the story, how her work in mapping queer representation in video games has moved from strength to strength, and for a sobering discussion about working a freelance journalist for the enthusiast press.

Disclaimer: The audio quality of this and the following episode doesn’t live up to our usual standards, and for that we apologise. We felt that the discussion as-recorded was worth preserving, however, so please bear with us. Rest assured, the source of this issue has been found and repaired.

You can listen to the latest episode of the Game Hugs podcast via the GameHugs website, or – if you’d prefer – subscribe via iTunes. Want to know more? Check out Game Hugs on Facebook, or chat using the #GameHugs hashtag on Twitter!

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