Game Hugs Podcast – Episode 57 – Luke Lancaster (ReedPop)

Game Hugs is a weekly podcast with an Australian flavour hosted by Jason Imms, offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the world of video games.

Each episode focusses on the careers and stories of a different personality from within the games industry, and Player Attack is very proud to help spread the word and get more people tuning in!

Say hello to Luke Lancaster, who was until recently a well-known Australian associate editor at CNET, before being selected as the new PAX Australia Content Manager, replacing ex-Game Hugs host Guy ‘Yug’ Blomberg. He’s also a co-creator of The Badguys, an excellent weekly webcomic that recently took home the top prize in Stan Lee’s POW! Media Superhero Comic Contest.

This episode marks the beginning of a Game Hugs multi-part episode experiment, in which we check in with Luke in the week before he kicks-off his new and high-pressure role, to talk about hopes and fears leading up to taking the help of his first PAX. We’ll speak to Luke again after PAX Australia 2017 to see how it all went, and how much of him survived.

Tune in to hear Luke and host Jason Imms discuss journalistic ethics, the realities of working in your dream job, and the power and responsibility that comes with being a focal point for an entire region of game developers.

You can listen to the latest episode of the Game Hugs podcast via the GameHugs website, or – if you’d prefer – subscribe via iTunes. Want to know more? Check out Game Hugs on Facebook, or chat using the #GameHugs hashtag on Twitter!

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