PAX Aus Indie Showcase 2017 Winners

PAX Aus is coming up pretty quick right? It’s in October! The 27th to the 29th, specifically! And a feature the convention is known to pride itself on is its indie gaming section. As someone who’s attended every PAX Aus to date, let me tell you: is it ever a section with some real winners. Games like Hacknet, Armello and the recently seen at E3 The Artful Escape of Francis Vendetti. All a bunch of real winners if I ever saw one!

So it stands to reason the six winners of this years indie showcase will also be some of the top winners among a bunch of other indie titles. PAX Aus has released the list and, fun fact, I want to play every single one of them. A panel of industry professionals hand selected these out of 94 entries and proceeded to judge them based on style, gameplay, innovation and the overall experience.

Even Jerry Holkins, the co-founder of Penny Arcade, had some nice words to say about our beautiful indie scene.

“The thriving indie scene in Australia consistently develops amazing work, that also represents a good portion of my Steam library,”

Which is pretty fair. My library is pretty similar at this point.

But without further ado, here are the 6 winners (in alphabetical order):

Earthworks Games

Forts is a strategy/RTS style game where you… Well. Build forts, apparently! Players can build custom bases, arm them to the teeth and then blast the heck out of the opponents equally armed and ferocious looking fort-based creation.

Ninja Thumbs Ltd.

Apart from being an absolutely delightful pun, Grabity sums up the gameplay of this arena based brawler. Two to four players use guns, which instead of shooting bullets, shoot gravity (grabity, get it?? Nice) which can turn objects into lethal projectiles or helpful shields.

Shadowplay Studios Pty Ltd

A puzzle-platformer about shadow puppets and light manipulation, with themes of curiosity and lost art. This promises to be an interesting trek through traditional puppet based titles from all over the world, incorporating themes from Indonesia, Turkey, China, Greece and England.

Sky Noon
Lunar Rooster

Another pun! I love it! This is a multiplayer FPS set in an alternate version of the wild west, where Super Smash Brothers style push/pull combat is brought to the first person perspective. Players are given a wide variety of tools to get their opponent knocked off the edge, such as lassos and grappling hooks.

The Gardens Between
The Voxel Agents

Two best friends fall into a world made up of mysterious gardens. This adventure/puzzle hybrid allows players to traverse backwards and forwards in time, while telling a story about what it means to grow up, what needs to be let go, and what should never be left behind.

Virtually Impossible
Growl Interactive

The only VR title on the list is presented to us as an over the top ridiculous party game where you can challenge your friends to all kinds of… Well. Challenges! Players compete in a kart race to see who can get the furthest when all kinds of bizarre obstacles are thrown at them. Also, pun name again. N i c e

The full details of each winner can be found on the PAX Australia website. You can be sure that come PAX time, we’ll have plenty more to talk about on the subject of Australian indie games.

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