Swery65 brings us an RPG about being a cat

Cult game director SWERY has been pretty busy lately. As well as setting up his new studio, White Owls Inc. and helping with the Kickstarter for the Deadly Premonition board game (I, for one, am eagerly awaiting my copy thanks to the successful outcome), he’s also announced his latest game title.

The Good Life sees you take the role of Naomi, a photographer from New York, as she finds herself stuck in an English town with a mountain of debt. But, of course knowing SWERY, this isn’t just any old town in England. This is apparently the ‘happiest town in the world’ and it also brings with it an interesting secret. At night, everyone turns into a cat. Including you!

An image from the upcoming The Good Life

The game will see players living an RPG style daily life sim, as well as solving mysteries. But how this will play and what exactly that means is anyone’s guess. I’m hoping for some Professor Layton meets Animal Crossing, personally. The town takes on a totally different vibe at night as you can gain access to places your human form would never fit, or just be agile enough to get to, such as rooftops. Not to mention, as soon as day breaks, no one in the town will be able to remember the strange events of the previous night.

SWERY himself has released a short statement on the game.

“Hello everyone. I’m SWERY, the director of The Good Life.

Last November, I created my new studio, White Owls, and this is our first official announcement. From the bottom of my heart, I feel so proud to be announcing this game with Fig, a next-generation publisher.

This game will inherit the spirit of Deadly Premonition, my most representative work, but it will also feature a brand new style of gameplay. It’s a mystery game based on the framework of a ‘daily life RPG.’ I’m positive that the happiest town in the world and the most bizarre townspeople in the world will capture your heart and pull you deep into their world. Please support The Good Life and help us bring this game to life.

I’m sure this game will make a lot of people happy!”

Deadly Premonition but lighter and softer? Combined with cats? Honestly there’s not a lot more I could ask for. Hopefully we have another cult classic on our hands.

The game will be crowdfunded on the Fig platform, and while not currently live, it’s possible to enter your email to get backstage access to the campaign and be the first to know when it’s live. You can sign up here.

Chances are we’ll see more about this game on September 2nd, at his PAX West panel titled ‘Coffee Time With Swery65’.

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