First look at Final Fantasy XV’s ‘Comrades’ mode

It was quite a while ago that we were told all about the ‘Comrades’ mode that Final Fantasy XV would later be receiving, and I’m sure a lot of us have forgotten about it completely with the releases of all the character focused DLC for the title with entries like the Gladio and Prompto packs. But now, it’s Comrades turn to shine as more information has been released and it looks very promising.

Comrades is, essentially, a multiplayer expansion pack for the base game that functions almost as another game entirely, set in the same world. Story details are pretty scarce, even with the current closed beta being active and available through the 3rd to the 8th of August. Though gameplay details are trickling through and for the most part, it sounds very fun and very impressive.

Final Fantasy XV’s ‘Comrades’ mode

Players create their own avatar, and then team up with up to three other players to explore the game world and complete various missions and quests. Though what exactly these quests are all about still isn’t entirely clear, whether it’s more of the monster hunting sidequests we saw in the game, or full fledged story quests isn’t quite clear.

The player will also be able to wield all kinds of weapons, just as Noctis did in the base game. Things like katanas, crossbows and shields have been revealed, all with entirely new movesets unique to your character. You’ll also be able to get your hands on new outfits and accessories which can be changes at any outpost in the game to make your character feel truly unique.

Another exciting advertised element is the hub city, which has yet to be revealed as the beta only starts from a small base camp, as well as solo quests if the player wants to just explore the new DLC solo to get their bearings. A full list of what will be available on launch is available at the Comrades website.

Until then, we can wet our appetites with a look at the male and female customization options from the game.

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