Player A-Chat: Stephen Heller (Surprise Attack, MMGN, Pixels for Breakfast)

Welcome to Player A-Chat, where we talk with guests from all around Australia to discuss their work in video games and the current landscape of the Australian gaming community.

This week is the first and best episode featuring Stephen Heller, production coordinator at Surprise Attack and streamer and host of Pixels for Breakfast. Stephen began his work in the Australian games industry in 2010 as a writer for MMGN and freelancing for other publications. He then left the site to start his own called Pixels for Breakfast, eventually turning into a streaming channel on Mixer (previously Beam), becoming the service’s first Australian partner. Stephen’s day job is at Surprise Attack, Australia’s largest indie games publisher, and was a writer for 2016 indie hit Orwell.

This episode was recorded on-location at AVCon on July 23, 2017.

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