Telltale Gives The People What They Want

One of the biggest questions on peoples lips has been, ‘where is the Wolf Among Us Season 2?’. The cult favourite of Telltale Games has been in high demand and yesterday, it was announced that we wouldn’t be seeing season 2 of either The Wolf Among Us or Tales From The Borderlands having a season 2 any time soon. Though earlier today at least half of this was quickly put to rest.

Earlier today, Telltale released their Summer 2017 Update, which comes just ahead of San Diego Comic Con and gives us not one but three pieces of excellent news for fans of Telltale’s various episodic titles.

First up is the second season of Telltale’s Batman series, showing off a few screens of the grimdark man in the batsuit as well as a few familiar faces from the rogue’s gallery. Batman: The Enemy Within is scheduled to launch its first episode (1 of 5) on PS4, Xbox One and PC on August 8th 2017. Which is pretty soon! There will also be an iOS and Android version coming at a later date. Troy Baker and Anthony Ingruber are reprising their roles, and the Crowd Play function which we saw in season 1 will also be making a return.

Batman: The Enemy Within

The Walking Dead: The Final Season is also shown off and is scheduled to conclude the story of our tough little friend, Clementine. She will once again star in this title with Melissa Hutchinson reprising her once more. This title is still in development so any other details are a little scarce, all we know is it’s scheduled for release in 2018.

Clementine from Telltale’s Walking Dead

And finally, we see the long awaited The Wolf Among Us returning for its second season. All we know is that the actors will be reprising their roles and it’s coming some time in 2018, following a completely new story. Though one does wonder if this means we’re still going to be left hanging on the cliffhanger we got at the end of the first season, and all the questions that were left unsolved. Which is half the reason people wanted this season 2.

Either way, along with Minecraft Story Mode getting a second season, it really seems as though Telltale has their hands full at the moment!


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