Australia’s first esports bar set to open in Melbourne next month

Australia has its fair share of sports bars. It also has a growing number of video game bars. It’s almost a surprise that it’s taken someone this long to combine the two… and now they have. GG EZ, Australia’s first esports bar, is set to open in Melbourne next month.

A glimpse inside GG EZ earlier this month

A glimpse inside GG EZ earlier this month

It’s difficult to find much information about GG EZ, except that it’s opening in “late August 2017” at 93-95 Queen Street, Melbourne (which, incidentally, looks like a pretty fancy-pants building).

As you might expect, GG EZ will be set up like a standard sports bar, but the big screens will be showing games of the more virtual kind. There will be food available (snacks? full meals? who knows?), and we can confirm a well-curated, well-stocked cocktail menu.

We’re more than a little bit curious (and excited!) about GG EZ. Will the venue be open in the wee hours for us to watch events like The International live from Seattle? What sort of esports will be shown? Will there be opportunities for local events held inside the bar? Oh! So many questions!

(Doors are set to open in about six weeks – until then, stay up to date with GG EZ via Twitter, Facebook, and the GG EZ website.)

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