The International 2017 smashes last year’s prize pool record

The International 2017 is kicking off in just under a month, and that means it must be about time for the annual post about how the event is breaking records for its massive prize pool. At time of writing, the magic number is $20,854,073 – and that number’s only set to climb over the remaining couple of weeks.

The International 2017

The International 2017

Two years ago, we were impressed to learn that prize money for The International 2015 had topped $15m. Last year’s largest-ever eSports prize pool beat that number by a third, reaching $20,770,460 just over a week away from the competition.

This year, The International (the seventh annual event) has reached the same milestone with the tournament still more than three weeks away.

Remember, the International prize pool is effectively crowd-funded. You can help contribute to the massive pile of cash, just by picking up The International 2017 Battle Pass. 25% of Battle Pass sales filter directly into the prize pool and are handed out to victorious gamers at the end of the tournament.

At time of writing, a level 1 Battle Pass will set you back US$9.99 (level 75 is US$36.99), and it’s already chock-full of cool stuff – with more items added to the compendium over the next few weeks.

The most important inclusion, of course, is The Compendium itself – your “digital companion” to the biggest tournament of the year. Everything you need to know about The International 2017 is in here, as well as some space to take on the Fantasy Challenge, set your Bracket and fill out your predictions.

Would you like to know more? The International kicks off at Seattle’s KeyArena from August 7-12, and all the relevant information (including match times and where to watch) is on The International 2017 website.

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