The Ataribox: A New Console From An Old Favourite?

Hey do you guys remember when Atari made consoles? It was a while ago. Like, 20 years ago, with the Jaguar in 1993 being the last thing they made. Before that it was mostly just bulky but nice looking wood-based machines that played even more awkward 8 bit pixel games, one of which, as you may remember, nearly broke the video games industry forever.

They’ve also had a lot of weird stuff going on lately, from bankruptcy through to casino gaming. That’s a wild ride if I ever saw one!

But now Atari is looking back to the world of video games, with the CEO of Atari, Fred Chesnais, talking about bringing the brand back to its roots: Console Gaming.

“We’re back in the hardware business.”

That’s what Chesnais had to say about it. He was pretty vague on the details and the specifics, other than it being based on PC technology.

Above is the official teaser for the new project. Which reveals just about as many details as Chesnais did. Although we do see a look at that iconic, sleek Atari wood grain. Which is what consoles need. More wood grain.

Whether this is going to be a full fledged console or just Atari looking for a slice of the retro pie, with the success of the NES Mini and Sega’s Mega Drive Classic, is yet to be seen. It’s hard to imagine another competitor coming in at this point, but either way, I’m certainly intrigued.

You can follow the progress on the Ataribox website.

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