Nintendo Spotlight E3 2017: Rocket League, Mario Odyssey, Metroid, much more

CHOO CHOO, HYPE TRAIN MOTHERF-uhhh, welcome to our coverage of the Nintendo Spotlight announcements at E3 2017. The Switch has been a huge success, but what’s the deal with its online stuff? Will we finally hear more about Virtual Console? Donkey Kong? METROID?!

In the opening sting of upcoming games, we get a glimpse of smiling faces playing Switches but one preview stuck out more than others. Rocket League! On the Switch! Be still my beating heart…

We open up with Reggie Fils-Aime asking “where’s the fun?” Apparently part of it lies within the first game presented: Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Large worlds, lots of angst. Fans will be familiar here when it arrives during Holiday 2017.

Next up is a new Kirby game. With a seemingly similar HUD to what we get in Smash Bros games, and it too looks to be up to four-player. Coming 2018, no official title yet.

There is also a core Pokémon RPG being developed by Game Freak for the Switch! Our prayers are being answered!

And OH MY GOODNESS, METROID PRIME 4 IS IN THE WORKS. At this point all professionalism on my part is now being thrown out the window. I’m all in on this presentation.

New two-player Yoshi platformer. Returns to the papercraft world aesthetic, rather than the yarn style we’ve seen lately. Coming 2018.

Next is a teaser for Fire Emblem Warriors coming 2017. Lots of blonde haired people. Should be special.

Eiji Aonumi comes on to talk about Zelda: Breath of the Wild. A shirtless link shows off some of the new DLC. More dangerous environments to skirmish against enemies in. Old mate Kass — the accordion-playing Rito bard — plays his tune to some clips of the second DLC pack, showing off the four Hyrule Champions as well as Princess Zelda. Looks to be some backstory on their part of the adventure. New amiibo of Mipha, Daruk, Revali and Urbosa will accompany the release.

Following Ubisoft’s official unveiling of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle yesterday, Yves Guillemot pops up to remind us that the X-COM-style strategy game is coming August 29. Not gonna lie, that looks sweet.

Psyonix now joins the presentation to indeed confirm that Rocket League is coming to Switch this Holiday! Mario-themed cars included! Seriously, I’ve been banging on about this for a while – I am so happy.

Super Mario Odyssey makes a splash with some sweet jazz, bright colours and a bouncing googly-eyed Mario cap. Lots of vibrant worlds, with Mario taking control of various elements (a Bullet Bill? A T-Rex??) by just throwing his cap onto it. New Donk City, baby!

…And as quick as it came, the Nintendo Spotlight show is over. Lots of substantial announcements made in just a short 25 minutes. Rocket League,  Pokémon, Kirby, Yoshi, Fire Emblem, freaking Metroid Prime… Looks like Nintendo’s pulling out all the stops with new releases. Unfortunately no mention of any Virtual Console games. That said, Nintendo will be presenting more throughout their Treehouse streams over E3 week, so perhaps we’ll more news soon.

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