Playstation Live from E3 2017 news round up

Sony’s introduction for their presentation sure was… different? A small Indian band up on stage playing us in, followed by a real pretty illuminated waterfall with projected patterns.

Not sure how any of it related to videogames, but sometimes you just need a little culture before…

Well, before you plunder ancient cultures. The new Uncharted game seems to feature not one but two ladies on an adventure much like those Nathan Drake has been on. Devious villains, scary jumping puzzles and more.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Coming: August 22nd. Maybe. No date was attached today but it did have a date before. Don’t hold your breath.

Next, something new! Horizon: Zero Dawn is getting an expansion named Frozen Wilds, coming some time this year. As you might expect from the name, Aloy’s off to some distinctly chilly regions. Presumably there will be new robot dinosaurs to chase and be chased by, along with some new storyline threads to investigate. Horizon: Zero Dawn is brilliant, so more of the same gets a big tick of approval.

And now, Sam Witwer! Well, technically his name is Deacon in Days Gone but it looks very much like him. Anyway, it’s been a while since we’ve seen the game. Basically, last E3? So it’s good to see the game is still on the way.

Deacon’s trying to rescue a friend, much to the chagrin of the people at the settlement he’s seemingly help protect. He rides off on a motorcycle, gets ambushed by some wolves, then a couple of human bandits who’d set a tripwire across the road to unseat riders. Making short work of those, he finds his friend’s bike slewed off the road, presumably another victim of this trap.

Follow the trail, Deacon. Find your friend!

Past some strung up zombies – there’s some acrobats in the auditorium rafters pretending to also be strung up zombies – and through a small camp, with the aid of a noise misdirection and a nasty bear trap.

Karma’s a bitch though, as after rescuing his friend a bloody great big angry bear emerges from the woods.

Days Gone still looks cool, still no sign of a release date. Come back next year?

The next trailer is another thing known to be coming, Monster Hunter World. Track monsters, kill them, harvest their body parts for useful loot, lather, rinse and repeat. Nothing particularly new for the franchise it seems. It’s coming early 2018.

Also coming 2018, a new Shadow of the Colossus!

Not much to say to that. It’s new and looks amazing.

Looking distinctly not-new and not-amazing is a trailer seemingly from the year 2000. Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is coming September 19th, with a story mode demo available today. So as much cynicism regarding the trailer as there is, at least the bloody thing is coming out relatively soon.

Shooty game! Shooty game set in World War II? Must be Call of Duty! And it is. Here’s a trailer.

It’s hard to really get excited about that. World War II is very well trod ground and Call of Duty isn’t exactly pushing the graphical fidelity envelope, but if you’ve got to play Call of Duty every year, this is the version for 2017. It looks perfectly competent at what it does.

And now… Skyrim? Oh, Skyrim VR. Yes, that did seem kind of absent in Bethesda’s lacklustre press conference. Yes, Skyrim VR is a thing, individual hand controls are available so you can aim magic at individual targets and control your blocking and archery and whatnot. If you’re looking for something to play in VR you could do a lot worse, but if you’re looking to play Skyrim you should probably play on a platform that supports modding properly.

Just saying.

Next, a short bit on Star Child, a purple haired lady exploring a technological ruin. Ambushed by one creature, then saved by a giant robot thing. It looks pretty, but details are very scarce. Will try and source the trailer, but finding it on YouTube is problematic. “Starchild” is a very popular thing among alien conspiracy nuts, it seems.

The Inpatient, from Supermassive Games, is a 40s era horror game set in Blackwood Pines Sanitorium. You seem to play a mental patient who may or may not be crazy as there may or may not be actual supernatural events occuring around them. If that creepy aesthetic is your thing, look out for that one.

If your aesthetic tends more towards utterly pointless monster fishing game in VR… Monster of the Deep is coming September 2017. It has Final Fantasy characters doing the fishing for some reason. I can’t imagine anyone actually asked for this.

Bravo Team is some kind of shooty game. “Insipid” barely covers it. Even if there was a trailer available, it will not be inflicted upon you by me.

Oh, it’s VR? Okay, you twisted my arm.

Moss, however, looked very cute. You’re an adventure-mouse, exploring the world and confronting scary snakes. In a gaming landscape overrun with cute fox heroes it is refreshing to see a mouse.

And now, the big guns. KRATOS, GOD OF WAR!

Coming early 2018.

Then Detroit: Become Human. At an as yet to be determined time in the future.

Save the androids, save the world?

Destiny 2 is receiving Playstation exclusive content again, because Bungie hates gamers. It does have a release date – September 6 – so it’s hard to get too mad. Exclusive content is timed, may become available in Fall 2018 on other platforms. May not. Put pressure on Bungie if you want the extra toys once Playstation is done with them.

Last, but by no means least… can Spider-Man come out to play?

Lots of sweet Spidey action, including various quick-time web shooting and hazard avoiding. There’s even a full screen effect when his Spidey senses are tingling. And it doesn’t look like crap!

Yes, that is Miles Morales right at the end, too.

No, there’s no release date beyond “2018” for this, either.

And that’s the end of the show. Lots of cool things to look forward to, if not a whole lot of Playstation exclusives coming any time soon.

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