Bethesda’s E3 2017 Wrap-Up: VR, Evil Within, Switch and Wolfenstien! All out this year!

Bethesda have truly hitched their wagon to the 50s image and it worked wonderfully for our guided tour through Bethesda Land. 


To kick things off, Bethesda decided to drop the VR bombs early. That’s right, I said bombs! Showcased working with the HTC Vive, Bethesda unveiled DOOM VFR!


DOOM VFR looks to play similar to regular DOOM, just with all the trappings we’ve come to expect from an outing in VR. Shooting looks slick and movement seems to be handled with a ‘point-and-teleport’ system. It’s gory. It’s fast paced. It’s DOOM in your face.
The second VR title shown off was one we all knew already existed: Fallout VR.



We got to see this last year at the Bethesda booth but it looks like they’ve taken that early ‘demo’ and run with it. From what we can tell, it basically looks like the full Fallout 4 experience just in VR, which is pretty rad.
Next up was a some Elder Scrolls (specifically some ESO) because, well, it’s a Bethesda Showcase.



We knew that we’d get to heading back to Morrowind in Bethesda’s MMORPG but it functioned more of a reminder that it’s out next week and it has a bear in it.

Hot off that, Bethesda trotted out their new prize pony: Mods.


In addition to hyping up that they have enabled mods for consoles, Bethesda also dropped the new way they would be approaching such user created content: The Creation Club.

The Creation Club will function as a partnership system between Bethesda and third party content creators, and one can only assume there will be some sort of monetary sharing too. That’s right, your going to have to pay for these mods with ‘Bethesda Dollars’.

These mods will focus on their 2 biggest titles, Fallout 4 and Skyrim, and will be available this (American) Summer.


Following on from this, Bethesda kept punching away with Elder Scroll’s jabs.



ESO Legends, the digital card game based in titular universe, will be coming to iOS and Android next week. Additionally, there will be an expansion coming focused on the frozen north called Heroes of Skyrim. This will drop on 29 June, 2017 for Steam, iPad and Android.


Riding on the hype of mentioning Skyrim, BOOM! Skyrim for Switch is officially a thing now!



The presentation showed that Skyrim on Switch will feature amiibo support, with Link being tapped and a chest appearing in game. What was inside? Try a Master Sword, Hylilian shield and fancy tunic! On top of this, the Switch version of the game also demonstrated motion control support for combat!
No date was announced but it’s coming out some time this year.


Next up was Dishonored!



The trailer showed a new protagonist and mentor who are hunting the Outsider. The game is called Death of the Outsider and will release 15 September, 2017.
No clarification on if it is DLC for Dishonored 2 or a stand alone title.


I would have been pissed if Bethesda hadn’t mentioned Quake Champions and they didn’t fail to disappoint!



The main focus was building the E-Sports hype, with the Quake World Championships announced to take place at QuakeCon 2017, with the winner taking a $1 Million prize pool.

More important to me though is the inclusion of B.J Blazkowicz from Wolfenstein! He can duel wield as an active ability and recover health as a passive. On top of that, there’s a new weapon: the Tribolt, and 3 new maps!


Deciding to go down the spooky rabbit hole, Bethesda unveiled The Evil Within 2.


The cinematic trailer shed it’s barbed wire, torture porn aesthetic for a more cerebral, psychological head-f**k approach.
The game appears to pick up where the DLC’s left off and features some of the enemies form the the last outing.
It’s scheduled to drop Friday 13, October, 2017.


And the real pièce de résistance: god damn Wolfenstien 2!!



This looks straight up awesome! It’s got everything the New Order had but more off it! All our favorites favorites are back and it seems to set in a 1970s US where the Nazi’s have tried to incorporate Americana into the Reich.


B.J’s back and I’m hyped!
Wolfenstien: The New Colossus releases 27 November, 2017.

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