Microsoft’s E3 2017 Conference: Xbox One X with price, Crackdown 3, Anthem gameplay, much more

After a year of solid teasing since its name drop at E3 2016, Microsoft will finally be unveiling Project Scorpio — the “most powerful console ever” — with its real name, release date, price and just how powerful that thing is. Microsoft is also in the tough position where its line-up of 1st party releases is looking anorexic at the moment, so hopefully they’ll have some surprises for us.

And right off the bat Microsoft splurged with a through-the-years spot on game resolutions, culminating in a splash of 4K ultra HD. Time for the new current-gen.

Phil Spencer took the stage to introduce the event, as well as lift the curtain on Scorpio: the Xbox One X. 6 teraFLOPS; 12GB of GDDR5 memory; 326GB/s of bandwidth; “true 4K”; HDR; wide colour gamut; Premium Dolby Atmos sound; UHD Blu-ray playback; liquid cooled vapour system; all while being “the smallest Xbox ever”. It’ll be $649 (yikes…).

And  of course, what’s an Xbox show without Forza? There isn’t one, so it’s time for Forza 7. This also marks the unveiling of the Porsche 2018 GT2RS (if you’re dig cars). They even brought on two professional Porsche drivers to demo the car in-game and debut gameplay.

Returning to the stage, Spencer says 40 new games will debut at this presentation, with 22 of them playing Xbox-exclusive. The first of these is return of the Metro series, with Metro Exodus. Post-apocalyptic Russia’s never looked this good.

The moment we’ve all been hearing about since the beginning of 2016: Assassin’s Creed: Origins. Egypt, grand colosseum-type contests, ancient city-scapes and a giant cobra? You’ll play as the last Medjay, an ancient Egyptian warrior. The game will be out in October 27, 2017.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlgrounds will be coming to Xbox One later this year, which is already a huge hit on PC. This’ll be popular among me-too streamers.

Sick of zombies yet? Too bad, here’s State of Decay 2.

How about MOBAs? Also too bad, ‘coz a man in a yellow shirt shouted at the audience to introduce The Darwin Project.

Lydia Winters of Mojang took the stage to announce the company’s plan to unite Minecraft servers across all platforms–mobile, PC, and consoles. Minecraft will also receive a 4K update (because it needed one, obvs). The Xbox One X version will receive an enhanced version with “super duper graphics”.

New DragonBall Z game DragonBall Figher Z coming, enhanced with Xbox One X.

Neon cyberpunk game The Last Night features pixelated characters in a stylised 3D world looks super interesting. As does The Artful Escape (and it’s Aussie-developed!).

For the third year in a row, it’s time for Sea of Thieves. Pirates, ships, treasure, online co-op, humourous narration, etc. It’ll be out early 2018.

Super Lucky’s Tale coming in November this year. And Cuphead finally has a release date: September 29!

Crackdown 3! With Terry Crews? Actually, this complete sense. Co-op mayhem (of course), environmental destruction, robots, and it’s out November 7! Goodness gracious.

Michael De Plater of Monolith Studios came on to talk about Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. Showing off the improved Nemesis System, we see Talion/Celebrimbor wrecking up a camp of orcs and taking over minds. The game seems to be playing up on some of the humour the original game had.

Ori and the Blind Forest is getting a sequel, in Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Looks super solemn and pretty.

Aaand adding to the witchcraft and wizardry of the Xbox dev team, backwards compatibility on Xbox Onirpe has been expanded to include the original Xbox! Debuting with fan-favourite Crimson Skies.

Also many Xbox games will be receiving 4K support ready for Xbox One X owners when it arrives, such as Gears of War 4, Halo Wars and loads of 3rd party titles.

Yesterday BioWare’s new IP Anthem was teased at EA Play. Today, the game’s director Jon Warner lifts the lid on the first-person, sci-fi adventure. Flying mech suits, lush environments and giant beasts!

And that’s all for now folks! Is the Xbox One X everything you hoped Microsoft would announce? And how about that price? Let us know what you’ll be getting into over the year.

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