A Way Out will put you back on the couch with split-screen co-op jailbreak

Today’s EA Play event included the public return of the EA Originals label. Even though this is the indie incubator that gave us Unravel, this new game couldn’t be more different.

A Way Out is an experience from Hazelight Studios, a brand new studio from Josef Fares. He’s the man behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and he’s taken the co-op gameplay ideas of his earlier project to all new heights.

That’s our first look at Vincent and Leo, who have broken out of jail, raced across the countryside, and are reunited with their families. Predictably, things can go wrong with each of these points, but the “emotional journey” promises to be something a bit special.

Meanwhile: It’s 2017, and EA is preparing to publish a game that is only playable in split-screen co-op. You can both be on your couch (which Fares says is vastly preferable), but if you have no friends handy, jump online and find someone on the internet to play with you.

A Way Out is due in “early 2018”, and we’re expecting to hear plenty more about it over the next six months.

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