Fortnite finally emerging into the light July 25th

It’s not officially time for E3 2017 quite yet but Epic Games has jumped ahead of the queue in announcing their long awaited fort builder is finally emerging from closed beta next month.

Coming to PC, Mac, XBOX One and Playstation 4 on July 25th is an Early Access release of Fortnite.

You’ll need to pay for the privilege of playing this year, though Epic still plan for the game to be a free-to-play title eventually. Currently the nebulous “2018” is being floated, but we should have some impressions of the game for you long before then.

Fortnite’s being promoted as an “Action Building” game, where players construct fortifications to defend structures, machines or other doodads, using materials scavenged from the environment. Fortifications range from simple, flimsy wooden walls to imposing towers of metal, bristling with traps.

This “E3 2017” gameplay trailer can explain more.

(It’s not E3 time yet!)

Anyway, assuming you want to get in early (four whole days early!) there are a handful of Founder’s Packs available for purchase, ranging from the┬árelatively cheap Standard Edition, for $39.99 US, right up to the Limited Edition, which includes a bunch more goodies and two spare Standard Editions to give to friends, for $149.99.

What are the extra goodies on offer? All of the packs come with an assortment of Loot Pinatas, the game’s system for dispensing bonus items and heroes. You’ll go through a bunch of these if you play for any length of time, so the bonus ones are a nice, but hardly essential, perk of the packs.

Above the Standard Edition you start to get the more interesting perks, like additional account storage, XP boosts and bonus hero packs. The XP boosts come in two flavours, one to use on yourself and one to hand out to friends, which is a nice touch for players who bring newcomers to the game.

For the full list of perks, or to preorder, head over to the Fortnite site.

Note: If you were lucky enough to have participated in any stage of testing, ensure you are logged in with the relevant account for a pretty sweet discount on Founder’s access. The Standard Edition is a whopping 50% off!

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