Game Hugs Podcast – Episode 51 – Guy “Yug” Blomberg

We’re back! Game Hugs is a weekly podcast with an Australian flavour hosted by Jason Imms, offering a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the world of video games.

Each episode focusses on the careers and stories of a different personality from within the games industry, and Player Attack is very proud to help spread the word and get more people tuning in!

Guy ‘Yug’ Blomberg is not only the creator of this fine podcast, but also the newly appointed Global PAX Content Director, ensuring that every PAX show around the world is crammed full of amazing stars, panels, expo booths, and entertainment. He was also the subject of our first Player A-Chat segment!

No, Yug won’t be interviewing himself – his new role doesn’t leave enough time to concentrate on Game Hugs, so this episode will be the first for new host and past Game Hugs guest, freelance games and tech journalist Jason Imms. You can read the full announcement with our friends over at MCV Pacific.

Listen-in to hear more about Yug’s pre-PAX history, his secret porn career, the life and death of the Mana Bar, and the ill-fated TV show Game Damage.

You can listen to the latest episode of the Game Hugs podcast via the GameHugs website, or – if you’d prefer – subscribe via iTunes. Want to know more? Check out Game Hugs on Facebook, or chat using the #GameHugs hashtag on Twitter!

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