When (and where!) to watch the E3 livestreams in Australia

Video games! New video games! Exciting announcements of new video games and the inevitable collectors editions worth way too much money that we’re all going to get anyway because they look cool! Isn’t that the real spirit of E3? That and staying up to ridiculous hours of the morning to catch the conferences you really want to see and then being kind of upset because you’re not there, and you know everyone there is probably getting some really cool swag that’s going to appear on eBay later at inflated prices.

This is getting a little personal for me….

Anyway! You’re probably thinking, just what time is everything, exactly? Why can I only find American times? Where’s the times relevant to me? And where do I watch these fun video game announcements? Well, lucky for you, we’ve gone and put together a nice little timetable for Australia and New Zealand so you know what time everything’s happening.

E3 this year is taking place between Wednesday June 14 and Friday 16. Open to the press, developers and, for the first time (and making it even more painful that I can’t be there), the general public!

But of course, the real fun starts before that with the conferences. The big companies bringing out their big titles and getting us all excited. And so, without further ado, here’s the time tables for each conference, sorted by timezone!

E3 Press Conferences (dot-com!)

E3 Press Conferences (dot-com!)

  in LA in Sydney/Melbourne in Adelaide in Perth in NZ

(Youtube | Twitch)
June 10 – 12 noon PT Sun June 11 – 5AM AEST 4:30AM ACST 3AM AWST 7AM NZST

Youtube | Twitch )
June 11 – 2pm PT Mon June 12 – 7AM AEST 6:30AM ACST 5AM AWST 9AM NZST

( Youtube | Twitch )
June 11 – 7pm PT Mon June 12 – 12PM AEST 11:30AM ACST 10AM AWST 2PM NZST

( Youtube | Twitch )
June 12 – 10am PT Tue June 13 – 3AM AEST 2:30AM ACST 1AM AWST 5AM NZST

( Youtube | Twitch )
June 12 – 1pm PT Tue June 13 – 6AM AEST 5:30AM ACST 4AM AWST 8AM NZST

( Youtube | Twitch )
June 12 – 6pm PT Tue June 13 – 11AM AEST 10:30AM ACST 9AM AWST 1PM NZST

( Youtube | Twitch )
June 13 – 9am PT Wed June 14th – 2AM AEST 1:30AM ACST 12AM AWST 4AM NZST

To keep track of everything, point your browser towards E3PressConferences.com – not only does it have all the official times for the press conferences in LA, but it does all the hard work for you and calculates exactly what time the events are held in your local timezone. Plus, everyone loves a good countdown, right?

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