CheckPoint is raising money for a mental health web series

Mental health in the gaming community is something that’s often overlooked. But there’s one important organization out there looking to fix that problem with a web series.

CheckPoint is an Australian organisation looking to bring mental health to the front of people’s minds through all kinds of seminars, advocacy and free resources. You might have even seen them at events such as GX Australia or PAX Australia, advocating for the mental health of gamers. And now, they’ve come up with a brand new method of engaging people and spreading their important message.

The Checkpoint Series is a proposed web series that will cover real world stories from various game developers and media personalities world wide, as well as mental health professionals to give out relevant advice to people who might need it, or to anyone who even has an interest, and it’s shaping up to be something special with big names like Rae Johnston from Gizmodo, Teddy Diefenbach from Square Enix Montreal and Josh Scherr from Naughty Dog.

Josh Scherr in particular has shared a few words on the Kickstarter page, talking about his own journey through mental health and how he’s been through feelings of, “shame, fear and helplessness,” and that, “easy to access resources, such as this video series, are often invaluable in helping people get past that initial hurdle, and as such, can be life-changing (if not outright life-saving).”

The series promises to tackle various issues such as depression, drugs and alcohol, personality disorders and eating disorders, plus more, in the first season. While the second season wants to take a more practical view on the games industry and how to apply these ideas and how games can be used for good.

Having seen Dr. Jennifer Hazel speak in person on behalf of CheckPoint at PAX Aus last year, I can absolutely say that she’s a passionate person and we’ll be in for a heck of a series, and a lot of life affirming messages about how games can be good for all of us, and how they can be better in the future.

Of course, what’s a Kickstarter without goodies?

There’s a lot of neat things up for grabs, including pins, art prints, special credits in the series and even, if you hand over enough cash, the chance to design a character that will appear in the show! How neat!

Some of the backer rewards on offer

Checkpoint aims to raise $55,000AUD over the next month and after that, they plan to spend the rest of the year scripting and producing to begin releasing the series in December of 2017.

So why not put some money forward for a good cause? If you love games and you love mental health, consider throwing in a little for something important!

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