Star Wars Battlefront II coming November 17th to PC, PS4 and Xbox One

We’re getting a new Battlefront to fight pewpew wars over! Star Wars Battlefront II is coming November 17, 2017 to PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

This weekend, at Star Wars Celebration Orlando, the next entry in EA and DICE’s reboot of the series was shown off to fans with this epic trailer.

The reveal trailer shows off some of what we can expect from the multiplayer portion of the game, but heavily features the brand new campaign, starring a new character firmly on the Empire’s side of the war.

Unlike 2015’s Battlefront, which only had some solo and optionally co-op wave defense type modes, Battlefront II will tell a coherent story set over the course of 30 years. Players will get to experience the war from the Imperial side with Iden Versio, commander of Inferno Squad. Inferno fights both on the ground and in space, which will make their missions more diverse in scope.

Handy, when you’re trying to base both a video game and a book on the group!

Playing the role of Iden is Janina Gavankar. You might remember her from such roles as Papi in The L Word, the skinwalker Luna from True Blood and most recently Agent Diana Thomas in Sleepy Hollow. She was also Amita in Far Cry 4, if you’re not TV people.

The story is set primarily in the time between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, apparently starting shortly before the destruction of the second Death Star. Interestingly, the game (and accompanying book) will be considered part of the official canon. Typically the video games have been specifically outside the canon, even very well received games like Knights of the Old Republic are in what used to be known as the “Extended Universe”. This is a big shift and may open the doors to more cross-collaborations in the future?

The longer panel discussion that took place with some of the designers and producers of the game revealed some other, very welcome, details on the multiplayer side of the fence.

Soldier classes will be returning! You will still be able to customise your loadout, but expect something closer to the Battlefield experience, with the Officer, Assault, Heavy and Specialist classes. There will be some amount of customisation available for unique abilities per class, but the details aren’t in our hands yet.

Similarly, vehicle loadouts and equipment will be returning, and even the hero units will have some degree of customisation available. Probably expect some very Battlefield-y things here too, with spaceship gadgets being swappable, paintjobs, but probably not RPG statistics based loot or anything.

Troopers, heroes and vehicles from all three eras will be available, though it’s unclear whether any will be available for mix-and-match fights. Prequel era droids versus First Order troopers?

Kamino, home of the cloners, is confirmed to be returning though. The rainy, narrow walkways and tight corridors in the older Battlefront game was a big hit with fans, so a modern interpretation could help the game a lot.

There are some other details available via the official website, or you can watch the panel below for some more tidbits.

The 2015 version of Battlefront was a lot of fun, but lacked in a few areas. Areas that seem to have been well and truly addressed in the sequel.

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