Hybrid World Adelaide set to rock the digital boat

The Australian festival calendar has just gotten a bit more exciting with the announcement of a new annual event to hit Adelaide later this year. Hybrid World Adelaide is a five-day event promising to cover everything from music, film, drones and games, plus ‘how to’ classes, a trade show and even a development lab. (And did we mention, it’s coming to Adelaide?!)

Janet Gaeta is best known to gamers as one of the creators of ABC’s long-running gaming show Good Game, and she’s now stepped up as co-creative director on the new festival.

She explains:

There’s something for absolutely everybody at Hybrid World Adelaide, whether you are a digital native completely at home in the virtual world or curious to see how technology is impacting your life and the world around you.

Introducing herself to the crowd at today’s launch as a “300 year old mage” in disguise, Gaeta will lead presentation of the public program for Hybrid World Adelaide. The industry side of things will be presented by LA-based Robert Tercek, a digital pioneer who specialises in breakthrough entertainment experiences.

He says:

There’s a massive change happening right in front of us. Digital technology has begun to infuse the world around us, and this process is going to reinvent the way the whole world works.

Hybrid World Adelaide will breathe new life into the former Mitsubishi plant, now known as the Tonsley Innovation Precinct. With the State Government onboard as a founding and principal partner, the event is being managed and delivered by the Adelaide Film Festival.

It’s early days yet for Hybrid World Adelaide, but we are very excited for the possibilities. Details are coming soon, but for more information in the meantime (including ticket sales!), head to hybridworldadelaide.org, or check out the hashtag #hybridworldadl on Twitter and other social networks.

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